Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Heart Will Go On

Throwback Thursday: Titanic Edition

Every week, we carefully considered all of the most current pop culture events when selecting a music video for Throwback Thursdays. This week, however, there was no consideration needed. Titanic was re-released in 3D on the big screen, making the music video for "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion the obvious choice.

These bloggers certainly are beyond ecstatic about seeing our favorite 3 hour movie in all of its glory, with the additional benefit of 3D. We're so nostalgic for so many things in this music video: Kate's beautiful red hair, Leo's baby face, and that time when Celine Dion ruled TRL and Billy Zane had hair.

Watching this music video is sure to get you ready to head to the movies and put on those ugly-but-worth-it 3d goggles. Our favorite parts include the spinning dance with Leo & Kate, Celine's dramatic faces, the old couple hugging on the bed, and of course the steamy car scene!! Enjoy today's throwback, all the way from 1997 (and 1912, of course).

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