Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hart Of Dixie: Team Wade? or Team George?

The adorable and lovable Dr. Zoey Hart is torn between two men. Since she recently moved down to Blue Bell, Alabama, she has caused a big stir in the small town. She is currently working at her biological fathers practice, who she never got to know, and lives with the town mayor, Lavon Hayes. 

Zoey likes the town rebel/bartender Wade Kinsella and the town good guy/laywer George Tucker. The relationship triangle in HOD is more than a triangle, it's actually pretty complicated.  George is engaged to Lemon Breeland, who hates Zoey.  Lemon had an affair with Lavon, which George does not know. George, Lavon and Wade are all friends. Zoey kissed Wade and also has almost kissed George. 

Zoey and Wade have great chemistry. In the pilot episode they made out. Wade was introduced as the town slacker, who plays loud music all night, sleeps around with trashy girls, and bar-tends occasionally. The more the season goes on, the more we know Wade is a good friend, takes care of his father, has ambition, and also has major feelings for Zoey. 

Zoey and George liked each other from the start. They have a lot in common, a doctor and a lawyer, two of the smartest people in Blue Bell. One of the reasons Lemon hates Zoey, is she can see the chemistry between the her and her fiance. Zoey reconnected to her father she was distanced from just to save George's father when her had a heart attack. 

Personally- I'm team Wade all the way! I think the writers had the intention of bringing together George and Zoey, but the sexual chemistry between her and Wade is undeniable. In the latest episode, Zoey and Wade had their first serious fight. Wade confronted Zoey about how she thinks she is too good for people, especially him. The hurt in her eyes showed how much she cares for Wade. George and Lemon should be together and Zoey and Wade should be together. Sorry Lavon- you deserve someone too! 

Tune into Hart of Dixie, Monday at 9pm on the CW to see where the love story leads!


  1. I agree with your pairing, I'm team Wade too, Bethel is Team Wade too, I think anyone that can see will know there's more there with Wade and Zoe than anyone else...

    1. totally.. george is too perfect .. so he's borig..