Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday: Don't you LOVE Fashion Star?

I love everything about the new NBC show, Fashion Star ... well almost everything.  They could have found a better host.  Hey Elle (Macpherson), the teleprompter is there as assistance, speak to the audience don't just read your script.  As a electronic journalism major, I feel offended when they choose those that know nothing about speaking to a camera to host.

Enough about my mini rant, let's get into the good stuff ... the fashion!

If you've been trapped in a hole lately, here's the breakdown on fashion star.  Celebrity judges Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos mentor designer-wannabes.  Each week the designers receive a challenge, they have to create an outfit and it hits the runway.  The mentors give feedback and then the wannabes try to sell their designs to the buyers.

source ... HOLY photoshop!

The buyers consist of Macy's, Saks & H&M.  If a buyer buys an outfit, right after the show ends that outfit is for sale!

I LOVE THIS.  I love the immediacy!  However, that follows with the sales.   I tried to buy a dress that H&M bought the first week but by the time I got to the website, they were sold out!

The pricing structure is no different than what is typical for each store.  Just so you get the full effect here's a glimpse into the fashions chosen in the past episodes...

This is the dress I wanted from the first episode, from H&M designed by Sarah:

And a few others, in no particular order...

Another from H&M:
A few bought from Macy's:

Nice to see a timeless style for the men...

And lastly, the unimpressive picks that were bought by (overpriced) Sak's:

I think I could have made this ...

Has anyone else watched Fashion Star?  Whatdja think?  Would you consider buying any of the presented articles?

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