Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: Color-Blocking!

It's everywhere.  On the runway, on the pages of People & in stores ... color-blocking.

I'm not quite sure what or how I feel about it just yet.  Neon is everywhere, I'm kind of thinking it reminds me a little too much like an '80's mixer back in college.

It's even a toss up if celebrities can pull it off.  Let's see if I can have an opinion at the end of this post...

Katy Perry rocks it all the way, even including her hair.

Yuck Ri Ri, just yuck.

Apparently this J.Lo look is considered "color-blocking."  I don't see it, but I dig it.

Color-block shoes are typically a no-no for me.  But in this case, you go Anny Curry, you go girl.

So in just 4 quick pictures, my yay to nay vote is 3 to 1.  I'm a nay-sayer to matchy-matchy outfits so I can see a few color-blocking items making an appearance in my closet sometime soon.  

What are your thoughts?

One piece of advice .. please use moderation.

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