Monday, April 2, 2012

Diva of the Week

It's about time we've given her the honor, because week after week, she keeps us laughing. Whether she's being Gilly, The Target Lady, Penelope, Liza Minnelli, Cinderella, or Judy Garland...we just KEEP laughing!!!! I am talking about, our girl, Kristen Wiig!

She had us rolling in the aisles this year in Bridesmaids. There were so many great talents like Melissa McCarthy and Mya Rudolph, but Kristen surely shined and had us laughing the whole movie. Who could forget her drunken stupour on the plane or her freak out at the bridal shower. Comedy at it's finest.

But her time when she really shines, is every Saturday night on SNL. Her skits are always among our favorites and her characters unforgettable. We remember her drunken Cinderella in the Real Housewives of Disney skit. Her most recent skit that has us watching over and over is her portrayal of Liza Minnelli, as she tries to turn off a lamp! I'm laughing just typing about it. Whether you know Liza or not, you can't help but laugh.

Another favorite that we cannot forget is her portrayal of the Target Lady. The voice, the helmet hair, the hand gestures, we love it. She's had guest appearances by Daniel Radcliffe, Drew Barrymore, but our favorite has to be when Justin Timberlake played Peg. *CLASSIC PEG*

So whether she's a red head, a blonde, or brunette, we're watching and laughing. I cannot wait to see what Kristen Wiig brings us in the future, dare I say Bridesmaids 2. We know sequels aren't always the best, but still, cannot wait. So here's to you diva, for keeping us laughing til we cry.

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  1. She is a master. Also, how awesome was it that she got to be in the movie with *sigh* jon hamm :)