Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Call Me Maybe: Zac Efron

No doubt every single writer here at Sexy Trash has their own personal favorite Zac Efron (or "Zefron") poster hanging somewhere in their daily lives. Wether he's crooning to Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray" back in 2007, or just shootin' hoops for the Wildcats in "High School Musical", every hot blooded human being has thought about adding him to their "list" at least once.

And you know the second he broke up with Vanessa Hudgens you were cheering right alongside the rest of the 12 year olds that grew up with his Disney channel character.

Thankfully, Zac has worked hard at shedding that Mickey Mouse mystique. And we've all felt our pulse race a little every time this trailer pops up on our screens.

Did I also mention he recently dropped a condom on the red carpet? Good to know he's already ready and safe! 

So here's our number, Zefron! Call us, maybe?


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