Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Top 7

Well this is going to be short and sweet, as the episode just finished and I was SHOCKED!!!! Thank god the judges had some sense and kept that save and USED it on our girl, Jessica Sanchez.

I mean, wow....I just don't understand what America was thinking?! Jessica was almost another Jennifer Hudson, but of course, look at HER now. She actually performed on Idol this week with Neyo.

But apart from that, almost making my heart stop, moment...the performances were all pretty great! My two tops (uh oh, scandalous)...moving on...this week were two talented men of the Idol Top 7. They are both no strangers to the spotlight, and have been featured before. So it should come as no surprise that my tops this week are Colton Dixon and Joshua Lidet.

He is just a real star in the making! I'm in love.

This is one of my absolute favorite songs, and he KILLED it! Runaway (with it) BABY!

So as I let out a sigh of relief that Jessica is safe one more week, we shall see what next week brings us. It will be a double elimination, eeeeeeeeks! Will your faves be safe?!

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