Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol Top 6

We are getting down to the wire with our contestants, and that means the standard expected of them is higher than ever!  This week our idols were asked to sing a Queen song and a song of their choosing. There were some stellar performances and ones that were just weren't thrilled with.  However, the idols fought hard this week to remain in the race to win.

Our top perfomances this week are still of no surprise.  Our girl Skylar ROCKED Queen's "The Show Must Go On".  I was more than thrilled with her choice of this song, one of my favorite Queen hits.  Skylar is a country star for sure, but still is so versatile.  She can turn any song into a country hit, and we love her. 

Our second performance of the night is from Joshua.  He is just too adorable and his voice is like melting butter.  He always has so much fun and puts his all into his performances.  I'd totally want to be bff's with him.  Here he is, as he  owns "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".

Lastly, we LOVED Jessica's performance of "Dance With My Father Again".  She of course has the perfect voice for this song and with the perfect amount of emotion added, it was magic.  Her father is being diployed overseas, so this song was more than just a performance for her.  We absolutely loved it....goosies.

Our idol cast off this week, thank god (no offense to any of her fans) was Elise.  I will give her credit that her runs, unique melodies, and style is impeccable.  That being said, her attitude absolutely is the worst!  She always had to make excuses and defend herself.  Just politely take the comments and leave....thank you....easy enough.  I'm sure she'll get a record contract and all will be reconciled.  For now, we'll say "Take your slice of humble pie, and go".

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