Monday, April 30, 2012

Diva of the Week

Our diva of the week is not only a diva, not just "a" queen, but THE queen of soul.  She's no stranger to the word diva and is a "founding member" of the Divas program on VH1.  You need to give her the
R-E-S-P-E-C-T she deserves....yes, I'm talking about....Miss Aretha Franklin.

So many of Aretha's songs are performed today, some you may not even realize.  Who can forget "I Say A Little Prayer", "Chain of Fools", and "Natural Woman". This lady just doesn't quit.  She recently had some heart surgery that caused a great weight loss and change for her.  But she's back and better than ever. Aretha is also the godmother of, Whitney Houston, RIP diva.  

Recently, on Sunday night's TV land awards, she was honored at the 2012 TV Land awards with the Music Icon Award.  She sang a 20 minute set of songs, with some hits, classical, and gospel songs. We even got the news of an upcoming album that she is working on! So we can only hope of some great music coming from the diva and even some wonderful duets.  I'll leave you with her performance of "Chain of Fools" from Sunday night.  The diva has a few more wrinkles, but her soul and voice are unchanged.  We'll give you the respect you deserve diva, WORK IT OUT!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell in Hit and Run!!

Don't get crazy - the couple didn't pull an Amanda Bynes on us.

The couple have been cast in a new crime comedy, Hit and Run, which was written and being co-directed by Dax Shepard. Bradley Cooper and Kristen Chenoweth also star.

In the movie, Dax plays a former getaway driver under witness protection, who chooses to risk everything to drive his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) to her dream job in Los Angeles. During the trip, his past comes back to haunt him and hilarity ensues.

...maybe it's just us, but we're not exactly smelling cinematic gold here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"The L.A. Complex"

While the premiere of The CW's new drama, The L.A. Complex, brought in the network's lowest ratings for a premiere ever, we at the Sexy Trash offices think it's one of the most entertaining pilots the network has ever seen (with the exception of "Veronica Mars;" let's not get crazy...)

 Originally premiering in Canada in January 2012, the CW picked the show up for a US release in April. Six episodes have already aired in Canada, and 13 more episodes have been ordered... which is nice to know that even if it is cancelled on the CW, that we'll still be able to get our Complex fix online.

Part Melrose Place, part 90210, and part Grosse Pointe, the show follows six residents of an apartment complex in L.A. as they struggle to make it big.

Cassie Steele (Degrassi: The Next Generation) plays Abby Vargas, an aspiring actress who left a life in Canada to make it in L.A. Her big break doesn't come as easily as she hoped for, so she often finds herself ready to give up and move back to what is familiar.

Jewel Staite (Flash Forward, Space Cases, Firefly) plays Raquel Westbrook, the street-smart veteran actress who hasn't had work in a few years. Looking for new roles becomes tough for her as younger, more attractive actresses are quickly filling the roles Raquel once had first dibs at.

Chelan Simmons (Kyle XY, Smallville, It) plays Alicia Lowe, a hopeful dancer who never seems to get her chance. To make ends meet, Alicia works as a stripper and eventually finds herself going down a road she never would have imagined.

Jonathan Patrick Moore (Neighbours, Savages) plays Connor Lake, an actor without much experience who gets his shot at stardom as the lead in a hit medical drama. This lady's man often doubts his talent because of his short resume and sometimes turns to dark places to feel better about himself.

Benjamin Charles Watson (Warehouse 13) plays Tariq Muhammad, a talented hip-hop songwriter who works as an intern for a major record producer.

Joe Dinicol (She's Too Young, Life With Derek, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye) plays Nick Wagner, a struggling comedian who can't seem to find his angle when it comes to stand-up. Nick also suffers from being every girl's best friend and doesn't know what it will take for them to see him as a boyfriend.

Andra Fuller (Entourage, Prison Break, Secret Life of the American Teenager) plays Kaldrick King, the tough hip-hop superstar who has seen it all, but not with anyone worth remembering...

Be sure to check out the first episode of The L.A. Complex HERE.

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Best Friends" Doesn't Last Forever...

Just as we were literally getting ready to write an article calling NBC's Best Friends Forever "the funniest show you're not watching," it was announced by TV Guide that the network has pulled the remaining episodes from its lineup.

Executive producer and one of the show's stars, Lennon Parham, tweeted yesterday, "BFF Fans: Wanted to let you know that our show is being taken off the air until the summer. Hoping to post ep 5 & 6 online asap... Jessica St. Clair and I CANNOT thank you enough for the love and support of our little show. You guys are truly the best."

The show focused on Jessica (played by co-Executive producer, Jessica St. Clair), who moves from California to Brooklyn to live with her best friend after finding out her husband is leaving her. Also sharing the apartment with the two is Lennon's boyfriend, who occasionally butts heads with Jessica.

Maybe if NBC wasn't worried about making The Office last 18 seasons and actually spent time and money to promote its new shows, this would have had a chance. But instead, the network continues to be the channel that sitcoms come to die upon arrival, leaving all new successful comedies to ABC... which is fine (we love Modern Family, The B in Apartment 23, and Happy Endings), but it'd be nice to want to DVR another channel once in a while.

To check out the first (and only) four episodes of the series, be sure to check out Hulu. You won't be disappointed... unless it's at the fact that there's no more to be seen.

American Idol Top 6

We are getting down to the wire with our contestants, and that means the standard expected of them is higher than ever!  This week our idols were asked to sing a Queen song and a song of their choosing. There were some stellar performances and ones that were just weren't thrilled with.  However, the idols fought hard this week to remain in the race to win.

Our top perfomances this week are still of no surprise.  Our girl Skylar ROCKED Queen's "The Show Must Go On".  I was more than thrilled with her choice of this song, one of my favorite Queen hits.  Skylar is a country star for sure, but still is so versatile.  She can turn any song into a country hit, and we love her. 

Our second performance of the night is from Joshua.  He is just too adorable and his voice is like melting butter.  He always has so much fun and puts his all into his performances.  I'd totally want to be bff's with him.  Here he is, as he  owns "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".

Lastly, we LOVED Jessica's performance of "Dance With My Father Again".  She of course has the perfect voice for this song and with the perfect amount of emotion added, it was magic.  Her father is being diployed overseas, so this song was more than just a performance for her.  We absolutely loved it....goosies.

Our idol cast off this week, thank god (no offense to any of her fans) was Elise.  I will give her credit that her runs, unique melodies, and style is impeccable.  That being said, her attitude absolutely is the worst!  She always had to make excuses and defend herself.  Just politely take the comments and leave....thank you....easy enough.  I'm sure she'll get a record contract and all will be reconciled.  For now, we'll say "Take your slice of humble pie, and go".

The best part of "Knocked Up" gets a spin-off!

For all of you who've been wishing that the best part of Judd Apatow's 2007 comedy, Knocked Up, would get a spin-off, your wish has been granted.

Leslie Mann's character, Debbie, and on-screen husband, Pete (played by Paul Rudd) are getting a sort-of sequel, This is 40. The movie focuses on the couple a few years after the events of Knocked Up; Debbie is dealing with being 40 and wants to start a "Do Better" list, focusing on everything that will help her and her family do better.

We've always loved Leslie Mann, but any movie that brings back her character (without bringing back Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan) and bringing in Megan Fox, Jason Segal, and Melissa McCarthy is an automatic win in our book.

Fashion Fridays: Maxi Dresses!

Spring is here and summer is on its way, you betta stock up on those maxi dresses!

Here's why you need one, or ten:
  • They're good for casual.
  • They're good for date-night.
  • They're the most comfortable dress you will ever wear.
  • They're colorful (anyone love neon as much as me?) and so many prints are available!
  • They come in a million different styles.
  • No heels needed.
  • They fit every body type.
  • SO easy to accessorize.
Need I go on?

I'm SUCH a fan of maxi dresses.  It's a nice weather must-have!  These celebs know what's going on...

They wear maxis casual ...
And they dress 'em up...

Let's bring it back to reality and go over a few maxi must-haves & where you can snag them. (BTW:  This Saturday at OldNavy, all dresses (not maxi) are only $8!)

Chiffon maxi - for a night out!

Casual, belted maxi...maybe for brunch this summer?

Color-block maxis (my person fave)

Here's one thing LiLo hasn't screwed up, a classic color-block maxi...

That's all from me - what's your favorite go-to for the nice weather?  Are maxi dresses your favorite too?


First Look at "Snooki and JWoww"

Everyone knows that JWoww and Snooki are by far the best part of MTV's Jersey Shore. So, at first, we were thrilled when they got their own spin-off.

And then Snooki got pregnant.

And now the show seems like everything we imagined a reality show about pregnant, engaged Snooks to be...

With all due respect to both lovely guidettes... we'd rather have a "The Simple Life" reunion...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nicki Minaj's "Starships" FINALLY Fly!

We've been waiting for what seems like years for Nicki Minaj's new video to her soon-to-be 2012 Summer anthem, "Starships." Based on what we knew from her previous summer hit, "Super Bass," we knew we were in for a great, fun video. And while her videos for "Stupid Ho" and "Beez in the Trap" seemed like filler videos, we were still biting our hot pink painted nails in anticipation for this one.

And we were only mildly disappointed.

Yes, the song itself has fun rhymes that slide off your tongue easily, but are just a tad too fast for your average gay white boy to be able to pull off flawlessly. And the background music is a fun, poppy number that we can just running around the beach drunkenly to. Or seducing our summer fling as it plays softly on our iPhones... Whichever comes first.

And the video has all of the elements that helped "Super Bass" win us over:

Blacklight dancing, cotton candy colored water, hot shirtless black men, Nicki in bright bikinis and brighter wigs.

But instead of being another fun summer video to put under Nicki's belt, it seems like a deleted scene from the "Super Bass" video... which is fine, but it's certainly nothing we needed to be on the edge of our seats for three months for.

Justin Bieber, if you're reading this, your "Boyfriend" video better be a hell of a lot better than this. You've been warned...

Baby #2 for SMG/FPJ

It's no secret that the writers here at Sexy Trash kinda love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And by "kinda love" we mean: have a HUGEEE obsession, rewatch the series from episode 1 about once a year, have all the musical songs on our Ipod... we even attempted to watch that mess called "The Ringer" just to see our girl, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Today, Us Magazine broke the news that our favorite slayer (SMG) is pregnant with her second child with Freddie Prinze, Jr (with whom we also happen to be obsessed... we <3 the 90s.). The pair is already parents to 3 1/2 year old daughter Charlotte Grace.

We could not be happier that one of the best celebrity power couples is expanding their family! Congratulations to our favorite 90s superstars, we might need to go watch "I Know What You Did Last Summer" to celebrate....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GLee-Lo Late to Set! Who's Shocked?

In news that surprises no one, Glee guest star Lindsay Lohan was late to set this week after a night out.

Dot Marie Jones (Coach Beiste) reacted to LiLo's tardiness by tweeting: "Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things. Not cool! I'd rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late!"

We'd like to say we're shocked, but does anyone remember Georgia Rule? History certainly seems to repeat itself...

However,  sources told TMZ that Lindsay shot her big scenes the other day, and director Eric Stoltz has been saying she was "very professional." The scenes in question that LiLo was late for were simply reaction shots when the kids sing on the show.

Either way, get it together, bitch.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work It Out: Big Brother

In honor of CBS releasing the premier date for the summer sensation "Big Brother" (which, I'm sure, we'll be live tweeting), I thought it'd be great to find out what some of our favorite past "Big Brother" contestants do to keep in shape--so they're not totally ashamed to be parading in their swimsuits on national TV for three months.

First, let's start with the man everyone loves to hate, and loves to look at--Dr. Will Kirby.

What alot of people have a hard time remembering is that Dr. Will is an actual doctor of medicine. He's a board certified dermatologist! And while he may not be dishing his workout tips anytime soon, he IS an advocate for healthy exercising in general. In an interview with SHAPE Magazine, he talked about how to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. And frankly, nothing ruins a summer bod then gross skin. So what's the scoop, doc?

"In order to keep skin looking young, one doesn't have to invest in high-priced treatments. Simply keeping yourself healthy by eating well, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, getting an adequate amount of sleep and avoiding smoking will help in achieving a more youthful glow."

He also recommends wearing sunscreen all the time, even when you're driving in the car, "Every day, no exceptions".

Now let's look at the world's most annoying gym rat--Jessie "Mr. Pectacular" Godderz.

I missed this season of Big Brother (and my editor hasn't forgiven me for it). But Mr. Pectacular DID make an appearance in last season's series...and he was the bad prize. Rachel THOUGHT she'd get some one on one time with a "celebrity", and opted for the prize. What ended up happening was she got stuck with Pectacular and everyone else got Tori Spelling.

He may be full of himself, and you may be filled with an uncontrollable urge to slap him, but there's no denying this guy is ripped. And who knows, maybe underneath all that cockiness, he's got something going. I mean, he's determined, he IS confidant, and he's got results! Who knows, maybe picking up some weights is the trick you've been looking for!

And finally, let's talk about some of the Big Brother ladies! To keep with my youtube clip theme, I managed to find Jen and Jessica from Big Brother 8 working on their abs (please excuse the creepy full unitard body shot of Jen in the beginning)

No woman has really been known to be a workout fiend on Big Brother. But they are known to have confidence in their swim suits! They are known to eat right (even if that means Peanut Butter and Jelly or Slop), and they're usually pretty fierce competitors (i.e. Janelle, Jen, Rachel--BEASTS). So, maintain a healthy workout regimen, and soon enough, you'll be a beast too. And as Jen and Jessica demonstrate here, it can be little things done daily that can make a difference!

And if all else fails, you could always do this:


Monday, April 23, 2012

DIVA of the WEEK

Our Diva of the Week is no stranger to the spotlight in many different ways. She went from hometown girl, to an American Idol, to in and out of the limelight, to a SMASH hit! We're talking about our recent Marilyn Monroe diva, Katherine McPhee!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katherine may have not been the Idol winner, which, we think she should have been! I mean, her competition was Taylor Hicks.....still bitter about that. She is such a talent with a voice of gold! Listen to her version of "Over the Rainbow"....mmmm yes, LOVE!


Katherine has been criticized as she dealt with BUT openly admitted dealing with bulimia. As we all know, in today's day and age, the standard girls have to deal with and strive to be is nothing short of impossible. But Katherine persevered through it and now is looking healthier and beautiful. She had a couple hits as a solo artist post American Idol. Here is a video of her song "Love Story". We also LOVED "Over It", a power ballad of divaness.

Recently, we absolutely love SMASH! Being a Marilyn Monroe and Old Hollywood fan, it's hard NOT to love it. The show is the story of the making of Marilyn the Musical. The show combines recent songs and original songs made for the musical. Katherine is Marilyn, almost uncanny how much, at times. Check her out singing "20th Century Fox" as the original diva Miss Marilyn.

Any way you put it, we love Katherine McPhee and cannot wait to see more from her in the future. Cheers to you and keep belting it out diva! We'll let you be OUR star!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunger Games no longer #1

The Hunger Games lost its number one spot at the box office this weekend. It took third place with $14.5 million.

Think Like a Man took the top spot with $33 million. Based on the book by Steve Harvey, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, performing much better than the $19 million that was originally predicted.

The Lucky One came in third with $22.8 million. Not Zac Efron's biggest movie opening, but a solid showing none-the-less.

What movie did you see this weekend readers? Is there any movies coming out soon that will get you to you local theater?

Hart Of Dixie: Team Wade? or Team George?

The adorable and lovable Dr. Zoey Hart is torn between two men. Since she recently moved down to Blue Bell, Alabama, she has caused a big stir in the small town. She is currently working at her biological fathers practice, who she never got to know, and lives with the town mayor, Lavon Hayes. 

Zoey likes the town rebel/bartender Wade Kinsella and the town good guy/laywer George Tucker. The relationship triangle in HOD is more than a triangle, it's actually pretty complicated.  George is engaged to Lemon Breeland, who hates Zoey.  Lemon had an affair with Lavon, which George does not know. George, Lavon and Wade are all friends. Zoey kissed Wade and also has almost kissed George. 

Zoey and Wade have great chemistry. In the pilot episode they made out. Wade was introduced as the town slacker, who plays loud music all night, sleeps around with trashy girls, and bar-tends occasionally. The more the season goes on, the more we know Wade is a good friend, takes care of his father, has ambition, and also has major feelings for Zoey. 

Zoey and George liked each other from the start. They have a lot in common, a doctor and a lawyer, two of the smartest people in Blue Bell. One of the reasons Lemon hates Zoey, is she can see the chemistry between the her and her fiance. Zoey reconnected to her father she was distanced from just to save George's father when her had a heart attack. 

Personally- I'm team Wade all the way! I think the writers had the intention of bringing together George and Zoey, but the sexual chemistry between her and Wade is undeniable. In the latest episode, Zoey and Wade had their first serious fight. Wade confronted Zoey about how she thinks she is too good for people, especially him. The hurt in her eyes showed how much she cares for Wade. George and Lemon should be together and Zoey and Wade should be together. Sorry Lavon- you deserve someone too! 

Tune into Hart of Dixie, Monday at 9pm on the CW to see where the love story leads!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Eco-fash!

It's almost here .... Earth Day is Sunday.  This year I'm determined to make conscious choices to help not only better my life, but better it for those around me.  Every little bit helps ... right?

Today I bring you several items that you can purchase that will help the environment and those around you (as related to fashion as I can get).

Summer fashion is almost here.  How can you be sure your body is summer ready?  Buy these items.  Each of these items may not be an article of fashion, but they will help you get to the body that the fash will look STELLAR in.

Stay hydrated with Bobble.
According to, water is the secret weapon to weight loss.  Drink a glass before each meal to promote shedding those pounds.
Bobble is a revolutionary water bottle that has a filter inside of it.  Each filter lasts for the length of 300 water bottles.  Did you know that 50 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills each year in the US?  Gross.

They're running a special!  For every $30 you spend, you get their new water jug free ($30 value) AND free shipping over $20.  I bought 3, one for my mother, sister and I.  We're all taking a step in the right direction.  The best part?  The arrangement of colors they have! AND you can buy replacement filters in many stores, including Target.

Eat well and share a meal.
This, I LOVE.  I have convinced myself that I MUST bring lunch to work every day (to save money and cals). I bought a bunch of Healthy Choice meals for quick lunches at work.  Yesterday, I noticed their partnership with FeedAmerica.  ConAgraFoods brands have a code on each of their products.  Head to, enter it and a meal is donated to a child in need.

Count those cals to be sure you're ready for summer, all while helping a child in need.  Did you see?  16 million children face hunger in America alone.

Put some pep in your step.
This Sunday, Earth Day, Starbucks is giving away a free cup of coffee that bring in their own reusable mug or tumbler.  When they did this in 2010, Starbucks saved close to 1.45million pounds of paper out of landfills.  Just from each person refusing a coffee cup.
I can try and make this somehow fashion related, but I think we are all just about addicted to coffee as we are shoes.  I'll let this one be.
Don't have a reusable cup?  Starbucks will give you 20% off of theirs on Earth Day only.  And lastly, did you know that if you use a reusable cup any other day you'll receive 10 cents off of your drink?

Totes cute.
Target will be giving away one reusable bag to each store visitor!  Head to their Guest Service desk to get yours.  This Sunday only, get there early - I'm sure these will go.  I love using these kind of totes, they're durable for everything from my work stuff to groceries.  And not to mention, they're kind of cute!

Be sure to check out the rest of the eco-friendly lines that Target offers.  Check for a store near you for the latest finds!

Go Eco.
I've seen this trend quite recently .... eco-friendly fashion.  Why don't we try it out together on EarthDay?  Here are just a few, simple accessories that are eco, and fashion, friendly.  Links where to buy are included.

Recycled earrings from  Only $10. Use coupon code enjoyearth for 30% off!

LOVE these!  Double headbands to keep your hair out-a-da-way during your workout. Thanks!

I've seen my fair share of duck-tape and gum wrapper purses, how about one made out of pop-tops?  Innovative and quite cute!  Get it at

Last, but definitely not least, something that never goes out of style ... the pashmina.  You can find this Peach Couture pashmina, made from eco-friendly Rayon at

What are your plans for this Earth Day?  Will you be taking advantage of the free deals? Gathering some eco-friendly swag?  Or maybe even planting a tree?  Let us know!

XoXo, Jes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol....OH WHATEVER NUMBER...

Well.....I'm just....yeah let's not even talk about it. No happy intro, no beating around the bush. NOT. HAPPY.

This week brought us some highs and lows....the lowest of lows being the elimination, and we'll get to that. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really do love the judges on American the SOME of the people...but...WHY DO I WATCH THESE SHOWS?! The people I like, almost never win (ex. Big Brother, X-Factor, a couple American Idols....). Let's hope my season favorites still make it....bringing me to my star of the week, Skylar Laine.

This girl has it all, and needs to make it to the top. I love her personality, talent, and charisma. This week was no exception as she took two songs and made them into her own county diva rocking anthems. Take a look at her first song, "Born This Way". Who knew it could be a rocking country song?!

She puts her everything into her songs and this second one....WOW! Here she is singing, "Heard it Through the Grapevine". Her performance would make even Marvin Gaye proud.

And nowwwww, to our elimination. To make a long story short, it came down to Elise, Hollie, and Colton. Now looking at the three, Colton was the LAST person I was thinking would be going home. But, shame on me for thinking again....his name was called and I *gasped*. I'm sure I wasn't alone in that expression. Even his fellow Idols were tear-filled as he sang his goodbye song. What a talent, but as Chris Daughtry left, I felt the same way. So I'll be waiting for Colton to blow up the charts, and I'll be waiting for his album FOR SURE! Best of luck to you, what a talent lost. We end with him singing Earth, Wind, and Fire's, "September".

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: True Makers

True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have announced that they are pregnant!

The two met on set of the popular HBO vampire drama, and have been married for over a year. Moyer has a son from his previous marriage as well as a daughter and this will not only be the couple's first child, but Anna's first as well!!

How exciting!!! Any name ideas? Bill? Sookie? Will this True Blood baby have any of his or her parents special gifts? We sure hope so!


DIVA of the WEEK

Sorry for the delay fellow sexy trashers! But this week brings us a diva that knows how to WOOORKKK like nobody's business. She is the diva who has gone through more hard times than good, but lately, nobody can touch her. With a face beaten to beauty, and a body to kill, our diva of the everyone's favorite Supermodel of the World....puttin' bass in her's RUPAUL!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We catch our diva every Monday night on the aptly named "RuPaul's Drag Race" on LOGO tv. She is making the next "queen" of the world and working the runway each week. Recently I read up on her majesty, looking up her biography. Our supermodel diva did not have the easy life, BY FAR, and that makes us bow down to her even more.

When RuPaul was born, his mother said,"His name is RuPaul Andre Charles and he's gonna be a star! Cause ain't another mother f***er alive with a name like that". Now we absolutely know where Ru gets her sass. Ru was the only boy in his family, with three other sisters. Naturally he was born to try on dresses and strut in their backyard. He had the hard childhood growing up and of course wanted to get out of the small town atmosphere. Between dropping out of high school and then going back, he finally found his calling in music. He formed a group called "RuPaul and the U'hauls", which started the ball rolling.

He started opening for some bands, and acting in some cult classic films. For example, the original, Starbooty. He also was a child of the "Vogue Ball" originators. All through this however, Ru found himself in the drugs, alcohol, and homeless crowd. Which I learned for most gay/transexual/voguers of the time, it was very common. But soon, our fave queen came into her/his own and music again saved his life. He began to make albums, duet with celebrities, and bridged the gap by having his video, "Supermodel", premiere on MTV. I strongly suggest you check out his bio in entirety, it's really inspiring. He also has a book called "Workin' It: RuPaul's Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We love this queen and cannot get enough of her. Even as a man, he is gorgeous with a flawless face and teeth. I'm going to end this with some classic videos. Enjoy...and remember..."If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else!?" Can I get an AMEN!?!

Oh What's That About?: The Ricky Gervais Show

You could probably file this under "Oh I've Never Heard Of That" too, since the show isn't as well known as it could be. And after marathoning the first two seasons (okay, season and a half. I've signed up for "Pottermore" and I can only devote so much time to my obsessions), it's a damn shame that more of us aren't watching this.

The Ricky Gervais show is on HBO. And it is the world's simplest concept for a TV show. It's Ricky, the controversial awards show host, originator of "The Office", and British comedian, and his friend Stephen Merchant. They sit at a table with microphones and ask their dumb dumb DUMB friend Karl Pilkington questions just to hear his answers.

And it's animated.

They take the CRAZY stories Karl tells, and animate them. They even go so far as to animate the three of them sitting in their room talking. The animation sort of reminds me of the cartoons that I grew up with, like the Flintstones and the Jetsons. And it brings a certain sort of charm to the show.

As a girl who has a special place in her heart for radio and podcasting, this show is true genius. And I'm obsessed.

You're probably waiting for me to explain just what I mean when I talk about Karl and his dumb, crazy stories. Well, I can't. I can only show you what I mean.

What kills me is how Ricky and Stephen just tear him up. They are as merciless as he is serious about his stories.


I don't understand how or why--but I'm thrilled he does. Because no other show or podcast has made me laugh as hard as this. Ever.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

StarsCare: Jolie-Pitt Foundation

With the recent news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting engaged (That's as much as we'll talk about it because honestly, who cares? You have 94 children from 45 countries. Mazel tov. All we can remember is that Brad broke our girl Jennifer Aniston's heart and honestly, we'll never forgive you. But go, get married, adopt children, make a Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2, save the world. Blah, blah.), this week's StarsCare is all about the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
As you (now) know, we aren't the biggest fan of this "power" couple, but we do appreciate the good that they do with their celebrity status. Angelina has won friggin' peace prizes blessed by Mother Teresa or some crap so obviously, she's a good person. Brad is the reacher in the relationship, obv, but their kids are cute so, again, we are celebrating the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
When Maddox was adopted from Cambodia, Angelina made sure that he would be raised knowing where he was born and the culture of the country he came from. "The Maddox Jolie-Pitt (MJP) Foundation is committed to environmental security, creating peace and stability in all communities by planning and implementing interventions that prevent negative environmental changes. Working with impoverished rural villagers and local governments to alleviate food insecurities and increase access to basic primary healthcare and education, we're implementing projects that build healthy and vibrant communities." Even though we may have our own 90's bitterness toward her, when it comes down to it Angelina Jolie really does rock. It's not every international adoptive mom that travels back to their child's country of origin and strives to make it a better place day in and day out.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: Color-Blocking!

It's everywhere.  On the runway, on the pages of People & in stores ... color-blocking.

I'm not quite sure what or how I feel about it just yet.  Neon is everywhere, I'm kind of thinking it reminds me a little too much like an '80's mixer back in college.

It's even a toss up if celebrities can pull it off.  Let's see if I can have an opinion at the end of this post...

Katy Perry rocks it all the way, even including her hair.

Yuck Ri Ri, just yuck.

Apparently this J.Lo look is considered "color-blocking."  I don't see it, but I dig it.

Color-block shoes are typically a no-no for me.  But in this case, you go Anny Curry, you go girl.

So in just 4 quick pictures, my yay to nay vote is 3 to 1.  I'm a nay-sayer to matchy-matchy outfits so I can see a few color-blocking items making an appearance in my closet sometime soon.  

What are your thoughts?

One piece of advice .. please use moderation.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Top 7

Well this is going to be short and sweet, as the episode just finished and I was SHOCKED!!!! Thank god the judges had some sense and kept that save and USED it on our girl, Jessica Sanchez.

I mean, wow....I just don't understand what America was thinking?! Jessica was almost another Jennifer Hudson, but of course, look at HER now. She actually performed on Idol this week with Neyo.

But apart from that, almost making my heart stop, moment...the performances were all pretty great! My two tops (uh oh, scandalous)...moving on...this week were two talented men of the Idol Top 7. They are both no strangers to the spotlight, and have been featured before. So it should come as no surprise that my tops this week are Colton Dixon and Joshua Lidet.

He is just a real star in the making! I'm in love.

This is one of my absolute favorite songs, and he KILLED it! Runaway (with it) BABY!

So as I let out a sigh of relief that Jessica is safe one more week, we shall see what next week brings us. It will be a double elimination, eeeeeeeeks! Will your faves be safe?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ryan Murphy Single Handedly Ruined My Life

Dear Ryan Murphy,

Do you do this on  purpose? Was it your plan from the beginning of your career to continuously create television gold only to destroy your creation a season later?

You wet our tastebuds with Popular, introducing us to a smart, snarky high school comedy that we loved to laugh and gasp at. A season later, we were left disappointed. With Nip/Tuck, you waited until the third season to shit all over what we once loved, so for that, we thank you. American Horror Story may be your only saving grace because, as each new season is a whole new story with new characters, we can't see how you could possibly get bored with it. But hey - you're Ryan Murphy; we're sure you'll find a way to fuck it up some how.

But now on to the real reason we are writing this letter... Glee.

The show crossed into "Jumping the Shark" territory after the original 13 episodes, but we still found ourselves rooting for this group of underdogs and still running to our televisions every week to see what trouble Santana would cause or to see what selfish thing Rachel Berry would do. However, although we were still very much hooked, we were also aware that during the three month season one hiatus, something changed. We couldn't put our finger exactly on it, but we knew we didn't like it.

Throughout it's two-and-a-half season run, we found ourselves (on numerous occasions) saying "That's it. We're done. No more. We just can't..." but then a few episodes later, a great group number or a wonderful mash-up or a shocking storyline pulled us back in. But, Ryan, we think once and for all you really, really lost us.

Last night was the "spring premiere" of Glee, and since the winter finale six weeks ago, we were at the edge of our seats waiting for the continuation of the episode. Will Rachel and Finn still get married? What happened to Quinn!?!?!? These questions popped through our heads at least once a day, and we couldn't wait to find out the answer.

So at exactly 8 pm last night, we were horrified to see Rachel and Finn. At a locker. Talking about not being married. ...Did we miss an episode? We quickly checked IMDB to find out. Last time we watched, the episode ended with "To be continued..." sprawled across our screens, so wouldn't it make sense for the next episode to continue only a few short moments after the finale's conclusion? But no, there was a brief time jump... and now we were left with Finnchel drama at the start of the episode, which, to be honest, was only the beginning of the episode's many problems.

A few minutes later, our jaws dropped as a happy Quinn rolled down the hall alongside Artie, stating that her paralysis was only temporary and she'd be dancing and singing by graduation. ...........Ryan, seriously? No hospital scenes? No Quinn-JUST-finding-out-she-can't-walk scenes? We understand that the last episode was a heavy one full of gay bashing, teen suicide, and almost fatal car accidents, so you wanted to go to a happy place in this episode, but Six Flags did not need to be that place.

As stated before, audiences were dying to see if Quinn was dying and waiting to see if Rachel Berry would become Rachel Hudson, but instead we were brought back to an episode about.... Blaine's brother? We're sorry; who?! Sure, some family members of New Directions are important - Quinn's disapproving parents, Rachel's dads, Kurt's loving father, Santana's homophobic grandmother, but a "famous" brother that Blaine has always despised? Mess.

Speaking of messes... we could have done without the Artie/Quinn wheelchair duet, as well as the god-awful rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Fighter." We'd go into details about why it was so bad, but we don't want to see it in our heads ever again. The shower, the intro... we just can't.

We really don't know if you're brilliant or an idiot. There are some moments (the "Glee" pilot) where we worship you, and other moments (last night's episode) where we wish you were tied to the hood of Quinn's car when she was texting...

You tried before, but you couldn't shake us... but this time, congratulations, Mr. Murphy - you really lost us. We'll be watching until graduation because even though we hate you, the members of New Directions really do feel like our friends, so we'd like to celebrate with them as they graduate and become young adults. But we're stopping there because as much as you're ruining the show, we refuse to see how you ruin their futures...

Goodbye, Ryan. Forever.

-Sexy Trash