Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

We did not find out in season one of AMCs hit show, The Killing, but fans are hoping to learn the truth in season two, which premieres this Sunday, April 1st on AMC at 8pm.

Season one starts with the grisly murder of young Rosie Larsen. It follows two dectectives, Sarah Linden (Mireilli Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) as they discover and investigate Rosie's murder. It's Detective Linden's final case working for the Seattle Police Department, as she is preparing to leave rainy Seattle with her son, to marry her boyfriend and move to sunny Sonoma, California. Linden becomes more wrapped up in the case and delays leaving Seattle, as the murder plot thickens and unwraps layers of mystery.

One of the mysteries is the tie to the city council member running for mayor, Darren Richmond (Billy Campell) and the Larsen family. Season one follows Richmonds campaign as he struggles to win over the current mayor and hits obstacles, including one of the campaign cars being the scene of the crime and the involvement of one big supporter of the campaign becoming a suspect. Season one also deals with the effect of Rosie's death on her family. Her parents and two little brothers struggle to deal with moving on and to finding closure. Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) and Mitch Larsen (Michelle Forbes), each deal with their daughters death in different ways. Stan decides to take matters into his own hands and Mitch starts to pull away from everyone and everything she once loved.

Will we discover who killed Rosie? Will Linden leave Seattle and start her new life in California? Will the Larsen's be able to survive their tragedy? Tune in this Sunday at 8pm for the two hour premiere.

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