Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top Reality TV BFFs!

The Hunger Games premiere is just 12 days away, and it got us really thinking about the book. While their "love" can be debated, it's no question that Katniss and Peeta have a strong relationship inside the arena. They literally risk their lives to protect the other as the world watches. Katniss Everdeen may have entered the games with Gale as her best friend, but as a contestant, her only best friend is Peeta Mellark.

That got us thinking about other reality TV best friends that we've come to love as we watched them week after week on our screens...

9. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (Big Brother 7)

In Big Brother: All Stars, these two teamed up to create "Chill Town," their secret alliance. The two took down the house one by one, making it into the final four. The duo even created memorable diary room entries together!

8. Ryan and Chet (The Real World: Brooklyn)

What do you get when you combine a member of the U.S. armed forces who is being called back into active duty and a hipster, punk rock Mormon? One of the greatest pairs of best friends The Real World has ever seen! The two played numerous pranks on their roommates, causing for a season full of laughs.

7. Elisabeth and Rodger (Survivor: The Australian Outback)

We may have her now, but long before The View, Elisabeth Filarski (Hasselbeck) won our hearts on the second season of Survivor when she befriended the oldest cast member, Rodger. The two became fast friends, and we literally cried when Rodger was kicked out of the game, leaving Elisabeth to fend for herself in the final four.

6. James and Andrea (Boy Meets Boy)

On Bravo's gay dating show, Boy Meets Boy, "Bachelor" James brought along his real life best friend, Andrea, as his dating advisor. The two discussed the contestants, trying to figure out which one would be best for James. When the twist was revealed halfway through the series that half of the suitors were straight and trying to get money, Mama went batshit. Now that's a friend.

5. Howie and Janelle (Big Brother 6/7)

From the beginning, fans of the show thought this friendship in season 6 was an odd, but welcomed, one. No one expected meteorologist and Star Wars fan, Howie, to end up being best friends with the beautiful VIP cocktail waitress, Janelle. The two dominated the game and returned the next season for Big Brother: All Stars.

4. Heidi and LC (The Hills)

Pre-Spencer, this friendship was a great one to watch. The two really supported each other, even in their dumb mistakes. It saddens us that Heidi moved on to become one of the most hated women in the world. At least she looks nothing like she did in season one; we can just pretend it's two different people.

3. J-Woww and Snooki (Jersey Shore)

From the second episode, we knew the bond between Snooki and J-Woww was one that would always keep us entertained. (We'd say we knew from the first episode, but Snooki was just a mess that episode, so no one really liked her. Except, of course, us.) The friendship is so strong that the pair got their own spin-off together once the Jersey Shore cameras stopped.

2. Britney and Monet (Big Brother 12)

This friendship wasn't a long one (Monet was evicted on Day 20), but it was an important one. Some may say that they were too mean, but we think they were just mean enough. Britney says it herself in the clip below, "I think sometimes we're misunderstood, but you don't know until you've lived here." We haven't lived there (yet), but we understand.

1. Paris and Nicole (The Simple Life)

By far the most entertaining reality TV duo, Paris and Nicole ruined businesses and households for five seasons, making us laugh the entire time. We'd kill for a Simple Life reunion episode, but now that Nicole has two children, we're sure she's matured. Who can forget when the girls worked at Sonic and changed the sign to "Salty Anal Weener Booger" or stole the milkshake costume and ran to a store across the street? We're laughing just typing it.
Do any of these TV BFFs compare to Peeta and Katniss? Did your favorite Reality TV Duo make the cut??

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  1. My claim to fame is that I made out with Ryan :) haha.