Thursday, March 1, 2012

Throwback Thursdays: "One Time"

Welcome to Throwback Thursdays, the newest weekly Sexy Trash feature where we’ll spotlight one music video from the past to brighten up your day.

You may not know this but today is a holiday at Sexy Trash, one we’ve been waiting 3 years for. Ladies and gentlemen… Justin Bieber is officially legal!!! That’s right, March 1, 1994, was the day our favorite young male pop star was born, making him 18 today.

No shame here, we’ve been JB fans from the start. In honor of this monumental occasional, today we’re going to take it back to where it all started, 2009. Usher made Bieber his protégé and thrust him into the crazy world of pop culture and adoring fans.

The “One Time” video was what first made us fall in love with the baby-faced singer. It has everything you could want… a crazy high school party, Bieber macking on a ladyfriend, and of course a special cameo by Usher. Watch this video and feel the magic all over again.

Pop your hood and bounce along as the Biebs takes us back to the summer of 2009… A time before the big haircut, before his voice dropped, and before Selena Gomez.



  1. 1. I forgot how much time passed since this video. He looks SO old now.

    2. I think we should make a lip sync video to this song, too...