Saturday, March 24, 2012

StarsCare: Pure Vida Bracelets

Who knew Jenni "JWoww" Farley had such a heart of gold? Okay, anyone who has watched the last few seasons of Jersey Shore or even read her book know that on the inside of all that hard exterior, she is one big, caring softy. So this week's StarsCare features our favorite tanned goddess: JWoww.
Recently she posted about Pure Vida Bracelets and claimed how they'll make your spring break tan pop because of all the neon colors. Naturally, we couldn't click the link any faster if you paid us. As we surfed around Pure Vida Bracelets we saw cute, girly, surfer-eque 'jewelry' for extremely low prices ($5!). And right now Pure Vida has teamed up with JWoww and they're offering 20% off if you use the code: JWoww20.

Pura Vida Bracelets: The Story Behind The String from Pura Vida Bracelets on Vimeo.

Check out the story from the Pure Vida website:

Two friends decided to hit the beaches of Costa Rica for five weeks to celebrate their college graduation. Between the beautiful sunsets and the rolling breakers, they began to deeply appreciate the simple lifestyle of the people and cultures they encountered.One day, the pair was visiting a small community in Costa Rica when they noticed a man named Jorge peddling bracelets on the street. The colorful bracelets were handmade in a simple way and seemed to capture the essence of their journey. The pair quickly asked Jorge if he would be willing to make them 400 bracelets to take back to the states with them. Within a matter of a few weeks they became great friends with Jorge. When they first met Jorge, he was living in a single room with three beds shared by several other members of his family. Soon after returning to the states they were able to give him enough business to live comfortably in a house and have his amigos work with him. Jorge went from selling 2-5 bracelets a week to upwards of 15,000 a week. They are now selling them in 700+ surf shops, boutiques, college book stores, and a few large chain stores nationwide. Each one has a unique and different color combination so coming across someone with your exact bracelet will be a tough find.Once returning to the states the two friends soon began to realize that these simple string bracelets were more then just your everyday bracelet, they were a movement. Pura Vida Bracelets are simple, unique, hand-made bracelets that have a great story behind them. Upon returning to California the two friends decided to put the bracelets in a bowl at a boutique shop. Before long, they had all sold out and people were asking for more. They decided to contact the man and buy more, and the relationship soon blossomed into a full-fledged business. The business that formed only a few months ago is now called Pura Vida Bracelets. The phrase “Pura Vida” (pu·ra vi·da) means pure life in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle. Each original bracelet is handmade in Costa Rica with a unique combination of colors. The hard work that went into making each bracelet represents the dedication and respect for the beautiful land that we all live in. Selecting your “Pura Vida” bracelet isn’t always a quick task. Local jewelers spend days, even weeks creating specific bracelets to express their lifestyle. From vibrant colors to earth tones, Pura Vida Bracelets has any combination for you.Pura Vida is also a member of One Percent for the Planet and donates a portion of its proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots foundation dedicated to cleaning up beaches and oceans around the world.
And their cause:
Here at Pura Vida Bracelets we strongly believe in giving back. After traveling around the world and seeing tons of beaches filled with trash and debris, we wanted to make it not only a point to help, but a mission. There is no reason why our beautiful beaches and oceans should be left destroyed. Therefore, with every Pura Vida Bracelet sold, we donate 1% back to The Surfrider Foundation through 1% for the Planet. The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protecting as well as preserving beaches and oceans worldwide. They have over 50,000 members and completed over 140,000 hours of volunteer work. We are seeking to improve those numbers and truly change how people treat the oceans and beaches that surround us.In addition to cleaning up beaches around the world, we aim to provide more and more full time jobs to the amazingly talented artisans of Costa Rica. After traveling all over Costa Rica, we came to realize that with very little tourism and the low paying jobs, local jewelers had a difficult time making ends meet. From the exponential growth of Pura Vida Bracelets throughout the United States, we are now able to fully support the food, clothing, and shelter of 15 talented artisans. Our goal is to recruit all the artisans of Costa Rica and get their beautifully hand crafted jewelry on the wrists of everyone in the world. From Costa Rica to the United States, Pura Vida for life!
Because the Sexy Trash Team all met in college, collegiate collections have a special place in our heart. Pure Vida not only has a college collection, but also ask colleges to get involved and need campus reps! So far there are none from our alma matter, Shippensburg University. Maybe we should get on it!

There are tons of bracelets, headbands, and other gorgeous summer-insipired knick knacks on the site that are perfect gifts for summer birthdays or even a gift to yourself. As well, many of the bracelets support different causes like LGBT, Autism Awareness, the military, and so on. Something for everyone over at Pure Vida. Be sure to check it out! A big thanks to JWoww for opening our eyes to another place of the world and how we can help $5 at a time.

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