Saturday, March 17, 2012

StarsCare: Kony 2012

Here at SexyTrash we aren't just about divas and tans, or nipples and nerds - we're a group of 20-something's that, believe it or not, care a whole lot about the planet that we live on and the people who are on it. That's why, starting now, every Saturday we are going to introduce you to a cause, charity, organization, or program that our favorite celebrities are involved with - and hope that you become involved (and educated), too.

We'll start things off with Kony 2012. Unless you've been avoiding YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the TV for the past few weeks - you've heard about Kony and you are disgusted. For those of you who were born yesterday, though: Kony is a man thought to be in Uganda who, without assigned or legal political power, has been abducting, raping, beating, torturing, and even killing children for over 20 years. Thanks to Jason Russell and the people at Invisible Children, we have been forced to educate ourselves on this man and after watching the initial video, everyone wanted to react:
So, the idea was this: to make Kony famous. How do you do that? You ask other famous people to talk about him. Think about how many followers an average person gets when a celebrity RTs them (when Ellen replied to me, I got well over 40 replies and 15 followers within 2 days - and I'm no one!). Now think about if every celebrity was talking about the same person... they would be unescapable. Or so we hope, anyway. Invisible Children asked that 20 celebrities and 12 politicians help make Kony famous before troops are pulled from Uganda in 2012. Here are the 20 celebrities that have been called to duty:
Are you surprised by any of these celebrities?
Think there are any influential celebs missing?
Without hesitation, the majority of these celebrities and more jumped on the Kony campaign and RTed the video to their followers. They also posted on their Facebook pages and mentioned Kony in their interviews. No matter of the backlash that the #STOPKONY hurricane is getting, it is reassuring to know that there are celebrities in the world who will not only donate their money, but also their time and their voice to such an important message.

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  1. I think the message of educating everyone about this terrible man has been a huge success and I applaud Invisible Children for making it possible for us all to learn. It is sad that they have received so much hate and backlash. Aside from whatever money they have where, their purpose to educate and reach out has been successful. I was sad to read this article this morning about Jason Russel being hospitalized -

    Great post!