Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ryan Murphy And 3 A-List Actresses Working on "Glee" Movie!

Well... sort of. Okay, not at all.

But Ryan Murphy is in talks with Sony Pictures for a full-length musical comedy titled One Hit Wonders. The movie will focus on three one hit wonders from the 90's who team up to form a pop group in hopes of making a comeback on the Billboard charts.

Sounds cute enough as it is... But wait.

Currently there is no script, but it is reported that the idea came up while the Glee co-creator was dining with Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently, the three wanted to "do something fun together," and after brainstorming, the group came up with this idea. Andy Samburg and Beyonce are rumored to be in the film, as well, but their parts are unknown.

...I don't hate it.

We've all heard Gwyneth sing on Glee and in Country Strong, and Reese won awards (an Oscar, to be exact) when she decided to show off her pipes, but has anyone heard Cameron sing? Ten dollars says she's the Britney of the group, in all of her auto-tuned glory.

Which, again - I don't hate it.

I'd love if this comes from the Nip/Tuck Ryan Murphy we've all come to love and not the Glee Ryan Murphy. A grown-up, sassy, sex-fueled musical comedy featuring these three lovely ladies is definitely something I could sing about.

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  1. wasn't cameron diaz in "my best friends wedding"? she song karaoke in that movie, i believe. either she's a really good actress, or that is how she really sounds. haha. we'll see, i guess.