Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roman May Be Reloaded, But He's Bringing Nothing New

We were fortunate enough at the Sexy Trash offices to have a first listen at Nicki Minaj's sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. And while we'll always love Nicki, most of the tracks are, in a word: overkill.

Nicki's first album was something fresh, finding a perfect mix of sassy Barbie with bat shit crazy Roman. "Roman's Revenge," her collaboration with Eminem, left us speechless as the two attacked a has-been hater (most likely Lil' Kim) and we were FLOORED when Roman showed up again in the Kanye West track, "Monster." However, although Roman appears on her new album, we're not left speechless; we're left embarrassed. We've waited a little more than a year for her second CD, and in this case, it was not worth the wait.

All of "Roman's" tracks are the same old shit we've heard from before. Crazy, vengeful, and loud; Roman has not changed one bit in the past year. And when there's three tracks on one album dedicated to the same character ("Roman Holiday," "Roman Reloaded," "Roman in Moscow,") some variety would be nice. The only Roman-based song we enjoy is "Roman Reloaded," and that's only because of Lil Wayne's verse:

"My ex wanna work it out,
Bitch, try yoga.
Two hoes in the bed,
Tell them hoes to slide over.
Excuse my French -
Two bitches and moi,
That's a Nicki Minaj-a-trois."
Not all tracks are Roman's recycled ideas, though. Stand-out tracks on the album are the soon-to-be summer anthem, "Starships" and the David Guetta dance hit, "Turn Me On." Some may say that Nicki is selling out due to the pop feel of these songs, but this is how we like her best: fun, bright, and just slightly twitchy.

However, "Marilyn Monroe" is our favorite track by far. We know that not everyone agrees with these sentiments, but although we love Nicki's rhymes, we melt when she sings. The song is gorgeous, and we've been listening to it non-stop since our first listen. We don't know why Marilyn is this year's Go-To girl (Smash, My Week With Marilyn, etc.), but in this case, we've never minded anything less.

Nicki, we'll be buying the album when it's released, but for your third effort, please have Roman take a permanent holiday. Martha can go, too.

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