Saturday, March 10, 2012

Punk'd is Back, and This Time... It's Miley, Y'all!

We've always been a fan of Punk'd on MTV: we love celebrities, we love seeing how celebrities act when they're not being interviewed, we love laughing, and we love practical jokes. What we don't love, however, is Ashton Kutcher.

So while we enjoyed the show, his rants before and after each segment really bothered us. When MTV announced that the hit hidden camera show would be returning, we were thrilled. Now that the world has DVR, we would be able to fast forward past all things Ashton.

But wait - rumors circulated that it would not be Ashton in the "host" role this time. This news was too good to be true. Were we being Punk'd?!

No, this time there will be a different host/prankster each week to keep things fresh, starting with Miley Cyrus.

We're not sure where we've been that we didn't know about a Khloe Kardashian/Miley friendship, but we couldn't be more excited for the premiere on March 29.

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