Monday, March 12, 2012

Pilot Prattle: "A" New Cast Member Joins "Devious Maids"

The Beverly Hills elite just got another member in the upcoming ABC night soap, Devious Maids. We already reported that Susan Lucci was recently added to the cast as Genevieve Delacort, a beautiful but slightly crazy woman.

Well, a branch was just added to the Delacort family tree, and it comes in the form of a current Pretty Little Liars cast member. This makes us nervous - if the PLL star is joining another show, what does that mean for their fate on our favorite ABC Family teen soap? Are they "A"? Ali's killer? Or do they go the Alison DeLaurentis route, ending up dead?

Since both shows are both owned by ABC, it may be possible that they can appear in both, as long as their roles are minimized on each show. It doesn't look promising, though...

If you don't mind being possibly spoiled, find out the PLL-turned-Devious Maids star HERE.

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