Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pilot Prattle: "Elementary" My Dear CBS

CBS has decided to get in on the mystery action, announcing they will produce "Elementary", which is a modern day take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous slueth, Sherlock Holmes. Taking place in NYC, Jonny Lee Miller will be taking on the lead role of the genius detective. When news of the show broke, fans were outraged, as their hearts already belong to the BBC's modern adaptation of Holmes, "Sherlock". Creator of the British show, Steven Moffat even tweeted:
In fact, the creators of "Sherlock" are toying with the idea of SUEING the CBS team. "The producers of the BBC's acclaimed Sherlock series...are prepared to take legal action against the US network over a rival Holmes series which appears to tread on familiar ground" reported Adam Sherwin of The Independent. It would be a copyright claim, but only if the CBS plot is similar enough to the BBC's.

"Elementary" Leads, Liu and Miller.
 The New American Holmes and Watson?
As a fan of the BBC series (which I do recommend), I plan on watching "Elementary" with a heavy skeptical eye. It's going to take a lot to beat out the dynamic team of Cumberbatch and Freeman. And with the recent announcement of Lucy Liu cast as a female Watson, I'm definitely intrigued. I just don't know how much love the CBS show will get, especially from the BBC fans living here in the States. 

C-Batch and Freeman, The New British Holmes and Watson

I find it funny that CBS is trying to sell their show as "Fresh". Please. Not to be totally biased here, but really? A modern day Sherlock? Where have you been? Sherlock has been running on the BBC (and recently PBS) since 2010, which Season 3 already commissioned. "Elementary" is coming onto the scene against some of the toughest critics. Fandom fans (calling themselves "Sherlockians") are rough. I doubt they'll see the CBS show for anything other than a rip off. But who knows--the Americans who have no idea what "Sherlock" is could be the lynchpin for a CBS success. 


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