Friday, March 2, 2012


Say what you want about Jersey Shore (even the haters who have never watched!), but one by one these guidos and guidettes are taking over our nation one fist pump at a time. From pouf wigs selling out for more than just Halloween to three of the housemates having major tanning oil and lotion lines, to bags to shoes - it's unlikely you've never heard of the show or their show stealer, Snooki. And while we support her in whatever she's doing, right now it's time to talk about our favorite Jersey Shore dude:

Something viewers and haters alike may not know about the cast of Jersey Shore is they actually had lives before filming Season 1 in that dirty New Jersey shore house. Whether they were going to school or owned their own business, none of them were just sitting around getting drunk and watching their lives pass them by (that's what getting famous is for!). From a viewer and fan's perspective, Pauly D is one of the cast members who has never changed from Season 1 until now, and that is extremely respectable in this industry. He appears grateful to all the blessings that has come into his life since Season 1, but remains the loyal goofball he always was.
With all that being said, we here at Sexy Trash are STOKED for his spin off The Pauly D Project and can't wait to see what shenanigans he gets into on his own. The life of a DJ always seemed exciting enough, but when you're Pauly D, have a contract with Fifty Cent and perform with Britney Spears? We can't imagine... But one of our favorite parts about watching him on Jersey Shore is seeing his bromance with Vinny explode episode after episode, and it looks like he's bringing his Vinny-from-home along for the ride in the Pauly D Project. Pauly seems to be a true friend to all really and damn if you can't resist that smile.
Who's tuning into the spin off that premieres Thursday, March 29th at 10:30pm ET/PT? How far do you see this show going? It's been reported that Pauly is looking for love... do we smell a Tila Tequila series coming up shortly? Would you apply? Stay tuned into Sexy Trash for all the latest and greatest on your favorite juice head.

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