Monday, March 12, 2012

My Thoughts on THE WALKING DEAD!

I can't even.  I don't know where to begin.  Are you ready for all of this word vomit?

I don't know about you but I am OBSESSED with AMC's The Walking Dead.  We're going to go a little outside of my fashion realm for today, be prepared spoilers will follow.  The first half of season 2 has taken us on a roller coaster ride with the characters of The Walking Dead.  

The CDC was nonexistent, Sophia goes missing, Carl was shot, the clan met Hershel & the rest at the farm, Carl came back to life, Lori's preggers and doesn't know who the baby daddy is, Glenn falls in love with a farm girl, Shane kills Otis, the barn full of walkers (zombies) is found, Sophia was one them ... need I go on?

Once the season picked back up at episode 8, I was concerned that there weren't enough walkers in this half of season 2.  I was wrong.

In episode 11, we lose key player Dale.  We learn that Dale's death may indirectly be Carl's fault.  That kid needs to be grounded.
RIP Dale. source

Fast forward to today, the day after episode 12.  

Everyone has moved into the farmhouse.  Shane has gone crazy, kills Randall (the prisoner) and plans to kill Rick.  As a walker with no bites, Randall attacks Glenn & Darryl.  

In self-defense, Rick kills Shane.  Shane mysteriously becomes a walker & Carl, who has followed them, shoots him.  The episode ends with thousands of walkers coming towards the farm.

Here are my thoughts:
- The dead are turning into walkers without being bitten.  Is this a disease everyone has but it only shows itself during death?  Does being bitten by a walker just speed up this process?  Is it something in the water?
- When did Carl become such a great shot with a hand gun?
- Whatever happened to the guy Rick was sending radio messages to?
- What did Dr. Jenner from the CDC whisper in Rick's ear before they left?
- How is this season going to go on without Shane & his drama?
- Who is really the baby daddy of Lori's unborn?

The production team over at The Walking Dead has left the season finale completely under wraps with only a short 46 second preview.  However, after digging a bit deeper, I've found some screen-shots from the next episode.  It looks to me like the gang gets split up.
A few more thoughts:
- Who will die next episode?  Here are my predictions:  Hershel, Maggie & maybe the stepson that has been pretty quiet.  I have a sad feeling my dear Glenn will die, but I really hope that's not true.
- Where will they go from here?  The pictures depict they're on a road somewhere.  How could they have gotten somewhere with alllllll of those walkers?
- Why are ALL of those walkers targeting the farm at the same time?  Can they be organized into an army?
- When will T-dog make his comeback?  He's been too quiet this season...

If someone could answer all of these questions without ruining the finale, please let me know.

What are you predictions for the end of this season and the beginning of the next?  Do you believe the walker virus is airborne or internal?  Share your thoughts with me, I live for this! 


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