Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's SNL promos!

If you've been living under a rock (which is the only way you wouldn't know this news...), make sure your rock has access to NBC this Saturday because Lindsay Lohan will be hosting Saturday Night Live!

As soon as this was announced, certain Sexy Trash staff members planned a viewing party (and this was BEFORE there was a Sexy Trash staff; we're just THAT excited...). I mean, Lindsay has hosted three times before, and she was genuinely funny on the show in the past. Debbie Downer or Kaitlin, anyone?!?!

However, after watching the promos that NBC has leaked, I can't say my excitement level is still set at "High."

The first thing that scares me is her face. After reading Jes' post on celebrity plastic surgery, it really hit home. Lindsay, I miss your red hair, your freckles, your curves, and your real skin. Bring back Mean Girls Lindsay; Melted Face Barbie Lindsay horrifies me kind of...
Besides looking like her mom her plastic surgery, these promos just weren't that funny. But I'm trying to not let that bother me because nine times out of ten, SNL promos just aren't funny. And I'm okay with that if they're saving all their fresh material for Saturday's show. But something inside me tells me they're not...

What needs to happen is Rachel Dratch needs to return for another Debbie Downer sketch. Because let's be serious... I know I'm not getting Amy Poehler/Horatio Sanz out of this, so I might as well keep my hopes low.


  1. I saw her interview with "The Today Show" while I was at the gym. And I thought to myself....who is this old women????

    I agree with you Sexy Trash where is our Mean Girls Lindsay?!

  2. Still excited for our SNL party... Gosh she looks so much like Dina Lohan! #notacompliment