Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lenny Kravitz in "Interview" Magazine

In the most recent issue of Interview Magazine, there is a piece on Lenny Kravitz and his role in The Hunger Games. The interview touches on his daughter, the presence of music in young people's lives, and his mother. However, let's be serious - there's only two parts of the article that we're interested in:

1. The Hunger Games

LENNY KRAVITZ: “Gary [Ross] saw Precious and said that he liked the character of Nurse John, so he thought I’d be right for the role in Hunger Games… So he called me down here in the Bahamas— I was actually making the album at the time. He said, “Hi, I’m making this movie called The Hunger Games. I think you’d be great. If you want it, you’ve got the part.” No audition. I was really flattered, but I had not read the book. So I downloaded it. I remember I started it late one night and I needed to go to bed—I was tired and had been recording all day and night—but I couldn’t stop reading because I was captured by the story. So I finished the book and called him back and said, “I’d love to do it.” You know, the film definitely represents these times—from government on down to reality television. It’s interesting that we’re living in these times. Really, when you go back to being in junior high school and reading George Orwell’s 1984, you’re, like, “Man, here were are . . .” Our characters have changed, our sensibilities. We’re definitely morphing into something different.”

INTERVIEW: Do you think anything like The Hunger Games could ever actually happen?

KRAVITZ: You know what’s funny? A lot of reality television started in Europe—things like Big Brother, where you had random people living in a house together and all this stuff started happening. And then you had all the gladiator stuff and the competitions. I remember saying, “One day we’re going to watch people fight to the death, like Roman times. Instead of being in a coliseum, we’re going to watch it on TV .” It sounds like a really far-fetched and politically incorrect statement at this point, but who knows how twisted we’re going to get? Because our appetite grows, our thirst for excitement . . . So who knows in the next 50 years where we’re gonna go? Hopefully we’ll go somewhere smarter and more beautiful and more peaceful, but that’s not where we’re headed at the moment. Things that would shock us years ago are like nothing now.

2. How Good He Looks

Please have a naked Cinna scene, please have a naked Cinna scene, please have a naked Cinna scene...

Although it took us too long to get on the Kravitz bandwagon (the first thing we really noticed him in besides the "Austin Powers" soundtrack was "Precious"), we could not imagine anyone else as Cinna. We love watching him act, and while our first choice would be if he did it shirtless, doing it with gold eye makeup is a close second...

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