Friday, March 16, 2012

Justin & Selena: Trouble in Paradise?

We said we never wanted Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to break up, but if there's anything Justin taught us, it's "Never Say Never." Selena can love him like a love song all she wants, but sometimes that just isn't enough.

Selena and Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Bensen partied at a sports bar in Florida with their respective boyfriends last night, and Yahoo! is reporting that after a few drinks, things took a nasty turn.

The subject of the fight is unknown, but a witness said:

"Justin stormed out of the bar and Selena chased him to the car. His security team drove them down the street to an alley where they had a private conversation. They then returned to the restaurant and upon leaving they all seemed like they had a little too much to drink even though they aren't old enough to drink."

We all know couples like this. Some of us even are a couple like this. Drinking = fighting with your significant other. It's normal. We're not judging either half of the power couple for drinking and yelling. What does get us upset is that Justin left the bar in a rage, causing Selena to follow him. Man up and work out your problems, Biebs. Don't make our little Selena chase you out into the road to finish the conversation.

We know there's One Less Lonely Girl, but we're hoping that Justin gets his act together soon before Selena leaves him as one more lonely boy.

Team Selena 2012.


  1. Team Selena, absolutely. But - can we address the naked homeless man in the picture?

    1. That's Ashley Bensen's boyfriend. In that relationship, Team Ashley. No doubt.

  2. celebrities, they're just like us