Monday, March 5, 2012

Jionni Sure?

We've heard the pregnancy rumors and were, well, skeptical... and now of course are the engagement rumors. Snooki has been unusually quiet these past few weeks since the pregnancy rumors and hasn't addressed that or the now supposed engagement yet, either. We're not sure if she's waiting for the three month mark, a better ring, or what but as genuine fans we hope she puts us out of our mystery soon. Jionni never says too much anyway, but additionally hasn't commented one way or the other about the baby or a ring.
Jionni & Snooki: Soon to be newlyweds?
The biggest shock of all however came from Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilio when he said he hoped she had a miscarriage. As Kathy Griffin tweeted, "Snooki’s ex says he hopes she miscarries. It takes an impressive piece of sh*t 2 make the Situation look classy." Later in an interview with TMZ Emilio explained he doesn't hope she has a miscarriage because that's traumatizing for women. He knows this because two of his teachers had miscarriages in high school. He then went on to say he simply hoped the pregnancy test was wrong and that she's too young to have a baby. Moments before this interview however he was telling TMZ however that if she is pregnant they need to do a paternity test because the baby may be Vinny's. HOLY MOLY, GUIDOMAN. We personally think someone (Emilio) is just looking for his 15 minutes and that (hopefully) Snooki has remained faithful to Jionni seeing that all she ever tweets and talks about is wanting him and his babies.
Snooki & ex boyfriend Emilio
If she is pregnant, congrats. If she is engaged, congrats. But our real concern is this: What about the Snooki/JWoww spin off?! Sources tell us there may be a spin off with Snooki and Jionni instead... which, great, but if we were Jenni we'd be one pissed off guidette right about now.

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