Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jessica and Justin: Put a Ring On It!

Just like I think it's rude when celebrities have babies and take forever to show photos of the child, I think it's ruder when celebrities get engaged and don't show off the ring.

Luckily, Jessica Biel heard my complaints and finally wore her engagement ring out in public. The actress and Justin Timberlake were engaged in January, and I've been waiting to see it ever since.

I'll leave major critiquing to our fashion expert, Jes, but just at first view... I don't like it. Everyone knows they have money; it doesn't need to be flaunted in the form of a guady ring. I'm all for costume jewelry, but as an engagement ring? I'm not so sure...

Speaking of not being sure... what do we think of Jessica's dress? Is she hiding something? A Timberbaby, perhaps?

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