Monday, March 5, 2012

Hollywood Bachelor: Ryan Kwanten

That's right, it's Monday, and what better way to start off the daily grind then to oogle the newest Hollywood Bachelor on the scene?

Not that he's newly single, but a reminder every once in awhile is rather nice, yes?
The "True Blood" actor has been recently quoted saying "I've been single for so long I'm kind of used to it now...It was another Valentine's Day with no date."
We understand it can be hard to maintain a relationship with someone when you're in the spotlight, and it has to be especially hard to find someone when you're part of every red blooded woman's sexual fantasy. We feel for you, Ryan, we do.

But...we're red blooded too. Call me, maybe?

Be RIGHT over!

Apparently he was also in Summerland. Surf's up!

Cute and funny? So here's my number...

Did we mention he was GQ Australia's Man of The Year?
"Wait...her number was....damnit"

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