Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Women's History Month?

It's March 1, which means it's the start of Women's History Month! I was pondering what kind of post to write because of this day, and then I saw Jennifer Hudson's new music video that premiered today: the title track to the new Steve Harvey movie, "Think Like a Man."

And after watching it, it seemed Jennifer wrote the article for me... In the song, Jennifer is cheated on, and instead of dumping the sucker and moving on to someone who will treat her like the queen she is, she continues to be with him, but not letting herself get attached during the process.

Interesting. I get it; it's for the movie. And while the film does look funny, and I do want to see it, Jennifer is better than this.
Is it the random sex Jennifer will be giving out now that she's unattached that makes her better? Not at all. I have no problem with women having one night stands, random nights of fun, booty calls, etc. If you want it, go get it, Mama. Samantha Jones is my spirit animal, for Heaven's sake - the woman can do no wrong in my eyes.
However, the fact that Jennifer continues to be with this uncommitted ass hat in the single makes me sick. Newsflash, Effie: You can have one night stands and uncommitted sex without staying with the loser that broke your heart. Just a suggestion...

And do not get me wrong - I would think the song had an awful message and wasn't her best work even if it didn't drop the first day of Women's History Month, but being that it did just makes it that much more of a mess.

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