Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fashion: Theatre Couture

I was in New York City for the Search Engine Strategies conference (captivating, I know) when the idea for this post came to life.

I don’t know about you but I truly believe a night at the theatre is to die for.  Maybe it’s my previous life as a dancer and being on stage – either way I love it.

Upon exciting Penn Station and grabbing a cab, he drove down west 52nd which lit up my eyes with images of Jersey Boys and Jesus Christ Super Star.  My starry-eye vision was quickly halted.

I saw the people waiting line.

Each outfit I wear to the theatre is chosen carefully, what I was seeing was the opposite.  Just because it was a Wednesday afternoon does not mean you can look like a slob – especially if this is what you’re traveling to the coveted city for.  

About 90% of the line-dwellers were tourists.  I get that you want to be comfortable when you walk around the city, but there is such a thing as comfortable and cute!

For the record, anything that you’ve seen on or anything that you’d wear to a baseball game, to mow the lawn, is not permitted in the theatre.

I’m not exactly sure why but I’m always extremely disappointed when I see what other people are wearing while waiting in line.  Call me old fashion.

Be prepared to put away your ripped up jeans & t-shirt and all a little class in your step.  I’m going to bring you simple outfits that you can pull together at the drop of a hat.  I guarantee most of these articles you already have in your closet.

With this gorgeous weather, it's easy for girls to keep it simple.  A dress is a perfect, easy outfit choice for the theatre.  I’ll give you 2 versions.  

#1:  Here's a perfect choice for a day trip to NYC & the theatre. I’m sure you have at LEAST one dress hanging in your outfit.  You know the kind; it’s a little too dressy for a BBQ and a little underdressed for a wedding.  

Here’s an example (get it here):

Add a cardigan or blazer, not only will this transform your outfit, it will help from the sub-zero temperatures inside.  Add a bangle, some dangle earrings and trade in the flip-flops for a cuter pair of flats or strappy sandal (trust me, after a long day in the city you’ll want something simple). 
#2:  If you're heading to the theatre for a night-time visit (maybe with dinner & drinks), stick with what you know ... the LBD.  Add some color (or keep it simple) with cute shoes, accessories and you're ready to steal the spotlight.  I'd also bring a cardigan along, those theatres are COLD!

Guys, here are your 2 versions as well.  

#1:  I will ONLY let you wear jeans if you're on a day trip to NYC.  AND if they are NICE, dark colored jeans.  Ones with NO holes.  The rest for you is simple, wear a nice shirt and add a blazer. Boom.  Feel free to find a blazer & shirt a little more casual than these..

#2:  If you're heading to the theatre for a night-time date, think of it as just that.  A date.  Girls love a guy with good style, play that up.  Think ... business casual.  Put on a nice pair of slacks, pull them up, add a belt, nice shirt, maybe a sweater and a pair of simple shoes.  You really have it way easier than any of us girls.
Just be sure to leave the food at home.  However, if you're this attractive, you may be able to get away with a little snack along the way.

That's all for this rendition of Fashion Friday.  I hope I've enlightened you, or inspired you to enlighten others, about the fashion couture that should be expected at the theatre.

Have a fantabulous weekend.  XoXo,

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