Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday! Glitter is my favorite.

Welcome to my first installment of Fashion Friday!
I'm excited to have a weekly post focused around my favorite thing, fashion.  From the red carpet trainwrecks to the cutest new shoes from DSW, I can't get enough.  Let's dive right in, shall we?

Since I could grip, I had a glitter pen and puffy paint in hand ready to add a little sparkle to everything in my life.  From ballet costumes to my regular wardrobe, every outfit I wore in the late '80's - early '90s was embellished with never ending sequins.  I was (and still am) very thankful that every piece of clothing or accessory had a touch of glitter.  I even had beads in my hair ...
"Awesome" bubble courtesy of my mother ... oy vey.

Bringing us to modern day... glitter is still my favorite.  Isn't it yours?
My favorite all time quote:  "Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins."  

Today we're going through the latest glitter trends that I'm in LOVE with.  But remember, it's all in moderation.

The Sequin Miniskirt
While I'm not a huge Kristin Cavallari fan, I've got to admit ... girl has serious style.  Love this outfit.

I'm in love.  I need one.  Stat.  The one in the picture is $98 from Victoria's Secret - a litttttle pricey for me. Express has a plain black sequined skirt for about $60 ... that's a little better!

The Sequin Blazer
Blazers are a staple for any closet.  It immediately dresses up a pair of jeans and even pairs well with a cute dress.  Continuing with "The Hills" theme I've got going here, welcome Lauren Conrad in a black sequin blazer (LOVE her & her style!).
She went a little risk-ay with a short dress. I'm not sure if I could pull this look off but I LOVE it.  With a pair of jeans or shorts in the summer, the glitter adds a special flair to any classic look.  
However, these aren't on the "frugal" side.  Find this AnneKlein sequin blazer for $89 at

The Sequin Dress
Where can I wear one of these?  I'm in love but I'm pretty sure this isn't appropriate for my suburban life, until I become a Real Housewife of course.  This gold piece shimmers perfectly on my favorite Gleek, Heather Morris.

Here's a shorter version which may be a little more appropriate for a night out ...
Get it for $30 at!

The Sequin Accessories
If you aren't ready to dive headfirst into the world of glitter, start small with accessories!
Start small with a headband and work to bigger items.  You have a variety to choose from...

Sequin accessories are all over, from Forever21 to BananaRepublic your ocean of sequined accessories awaits.
Have fun and remember, glitter in moderation is key.



  1. I love that second sequin skirt. I would rock that on a night out with the girls!

  2. That's right! Throw some glitter, make it rain! I'm a glitter girl too! Love this!