Monday, March 26, 2012

Diva of the Week

"Nobody puts baby in a corner...." and neither do we, in fact today she is our Diva of the week. That would be the lovely, 2010 Dancing with the Stars winner, Jennifer Grey! She also is the daughter of Broadway veteran, currently appearing in Anything Goes, Joel Grey. To top it off, today is her birthday and she is looking fabulous and 52!!!!

We all remember her playing Francis "Baby" Houseman in Dirty Dancing (ugh....*swoon* Patrick Swayze RIP). I mean who could forget the unforgetable dancing scenes, where we all wanted to be her, doing that dirrrrrty dancing with him. Here's one of my favorite songs and scenes, until that prick walks in....LOL

She was slightly criticized a couple years ago, when she received plastic surgery on her nose. But seriously, who is Hollywood hasn't had a little work done? She definitely isn't competing with any of our plastic surgery nightmares that were in our previous post by Jes, our Sexy Fash expert!

Check out our girl two years ago as she danced her way to the top and won Dancing with the Stars!!!! She was partnered with another hunk, Derek Hough! Here she is performing a song from Dirty Dancing as a tribute to Patrick Swayze.

So let's give it up to her for being fabulous and only SLIGHTLY over 50! Cheers to you Jennifer Grey, keep on dancing diva!

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