Monday, March 12, 2012

DIVA of the WEEK

With the recent death of a diva extraordinaire, Whitney Houston, American Idol took last week to have their ladies pay tribute to her. Some of them left us weeping because they were NOT so good....HOWEVER, one girl left us weeping because if we would close our'd swear that Queen Houston was singing herself. So with that being said, our diva of the week is.....

American Idol contestant, Jessica Sanchez!

This girl doesn't look like she'd have the voice of a diva, but WOW, just take a listen and hear for yourself. The tears will be coming sooner than if McDonald's stopped making Frappe's (oh GOOD god....).

Ugggggghhhh, CHILLLLLLS....major goose pimples as American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez likes to say. This girl is BY far the best female voice in the competition, and if she doesn't make it to the end, something is majorly wrong. But of course, it's always my favorites that usually do not make it to the end. She's just a fantastic all around contestant, from her booming diva voice, to her humble and refreshing personality. Check her out one last time, paying tribute to another diva, Jennifer Hudson, as she sings..."I Love You, I Do".

It's uncanny how she sounds almost like Effie herself!!!! I smell a diva in the making.....keep bringing it girl! Here's to you, Jessica Sanchez! You've earned our title of "Diva of the Week!"

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