Monday, March 12, 2012

Desperate Housewive's Final Season Death Revealed...and we're NOT happy!

We've known about the big death on Desperate Housewives for a week now, and even though we knew what was going to happen in last night's final minutes, we still couldn't stop sobbing. It's true that many people have fallen off of the Desperate Housewives train, claiming that the "only housewives that matter are the Real ones." We beg to differ. While the show has definitely taken a steep downhill path, it's gradually reaching moments of Season 1 greatness in its final episodes.
During Mary Alice's closing monologue of Sunday's episode, Mike Delfino was killed. We apologize if you have yet to watch it, and we "ruined" it for you, but we assure you - nothing was ruined. As stated previously, we knew he was going to die before we watched, and we were still wiping snot away from our faces with our arms. ...we're not kidding.

However, if you haven't watched and don't want it to be completely ruined, stop reading now.

The episode shows Susan finding out that Mike beat up the loan shark that broke into Renee's house and he is now carrying a gun. She spends the rest of the episode mad that he didn't mind his business and got them into potential danger until she talks to Renee. Renee tells her not to be mad at Mike, he is an amazing man and the street's protector. That somehow calms Susan down and she goes on to forgive Mike, realizing she really does have someone special. The final scene of the episode, she tells him she admires him for not being afraid of anything, and he confesses that he's afraid that she doesn't realize how much he loves her. They share a kiss, and then she tells him he still needs to fix the fence. "Tomorrow," he says, and they both laugh. Susan then goes inside, but returns a second later to tell him "one more thing..."

Then this gut-wrenching scene happened...

We're not exactly sure why Marc Cherry hates us, but it's clear he does. We're interested to see how the writers wrap up Susan's story in just five episodes after this because, honestly, we don't even think we can bounce back after this, much less Susan.

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