Friday, March 16, 2012

Demi Lovato Performs "Give Your Heart A Break" on American Idol

Amy Jo's American Idol recap this week was a great one, but a highly incomplete one... Claiming to cover the "best" performances, she left out the best song of the night. Sexy Trash favorite, Demi Lovato, was on the show to perform her new single, "Give Your Heart A Break." it wasn't the best performance of the night. In fact, we've noticed that Demi's been less-than-thrilling with her live singing lately. And quite frankly, it's making us nervous. However, it is one of the best tracks on her album, Unbroken. Maybe she's just meant to be another Britney; sounding great on the tracks, but should stick to lip-syncing at live performances. Or perhaps (and this is the answer we're supporting) she's a young girl, trying to find her way after rehab. Get back to us in a year; we'll probably be going to a Demi concert where she'll be singing live flawlessly.

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  1. Love her, but she needs to control dat hair.