Friday, March 2, 2012

Character Crackdown: Snow White Style

So I've been slowly developing a few ideas for weekly articles to write here besides my little blurbs of nerdy trash. I'll put my new ideas into rotation, and we'll see how it turns out. Buckle up kids, and let's get trashy!--AvK

This week we'll go with my "Character Crackdown" idea. With all these Snow White movies coming out--why not look back and see who's really the fairest?

Um...what? Snow White? Really?
There were actresses who played Snow back in 1916 (a silent film) and 1984 (a short lived TV series). But the first modern day actress to bite that poison apple was Camryn Manheim. We barely remembered this, as it was a 2 episode arc in the 2000 mini-series "10th Kingdom". And frankly, as far as "Snow White" interpretations go--this one was pretty weak. Snow is dead and appears to the main character as more of a fairy godmother character than an innocent and sweet snow white. She's not even wearing the traditional red/blue/yellow dress, or donning the pale skin and cropped dark hair. If you needed Camryn to play a fairy godmother, than throw the periwinkle robe on her and call it a day. Don't try to trick me.

Kreuk, rocking the closest thing to
"traditional" as these Snow Whites get
Just a year after that, "Smallville"'s Kristen Kreuk took on the role in the Hallmark TV movie "Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All". The movie is a weird hybrid of the Brothers Grimm tale and Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen". Despite being a darker version of both stories, and being made in 2001 (Modern day special effects really have us spoiled), Kruek gets the job done, and has me convinced she's the sweet innocent girl that Disney raised me to believe. While she's also missing the hairstyle and color scheme, at least she's alive and the right age and not trying to be something she's not (I'm looking at you, Godmother White up there). I'm gonna go ahead and say she nails it.

You go Sydney!
Jump 6 years and you've got one of Sexy Trash's favorite movies, "Sydney White". With funny girl Amanda Bynes playing a very loose interpretation of our princess, the main ideas are in fact there. A college girl living with 7 nerds and trying to win over the prince? Done. The movie itself is quirky, funny, and cute. As Sydney tries to get in to her mother's sorority, she comes up against the "evil queen" head of the greek chic group of girls, Rachel. No where near a literal interpretation, the main ideas that Snow White represents are in fact there. And who doesn't love watching Amanda Bynes trip over herself to get some cute jock to realize just how "adorkable" she is (sorry Zooey)?

Goodwin, as Snow White (Left) and
Mary Margaret (Right)
Today we have the amazing Gennifer Goodwin playing Snow/Mary Margaret in the hit "Once Upon A Time". This was a no brainer when it comes to casting. With her short cropped hair in the modern world and her uncanny sweetness and goodness, I'm convinced Gennifer is Snow White in real life, and the two of us would hold hands and sing songs to birds just because it was a Saturday. With the show's amazing twisting ability to show us "Snow" and "Mary Margaret", we're able to see what could be a very gritty side of Snow. And while sometimes it's hard for me to believe sweet innocent Snow would be anything like the huntress on ABC, the moments I see her striving to save an animal, or working to free Grumpy from the Evil Queen, I'm reassured that it is in fact the Princess I grew up loving.

And coming soon we have basically Snow White Dark and Snow White Light. With K-Stew rocking a full body suit of armor in the poster for the dark looking "Snow White and the Huntsman", the only memo I'm getting about her interpretation is that it'll be dark, gritty, and playing more into the idea that Snow White would never be caught dead in a red yellow and blue dress. Meanwhile Lily Collins is prancing around in a pretty dress in "Mirror, Mirror", the light happy and fun version of Snow White. It's still a little early for me to say who's "better", though I'm sure you'll be able to make a decision after reading the movies' reviews when they are released later this year.

Collins (Left) as sweet and innocent Snow, and Stewart (Right) as the dark and gritty one

As for me? My favorite is Gennifer Goodwin, and that's mostly because of the whole wanting to laugh and sing songs with her in real life thing.


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