Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Brokenhearted" - Karmin

We've supported Karmin since we first heard the boyfriend/girlfriend duo, and their new video, "Brokenhearted" just makes our support even more undeniable.

The video shows Amy and Nick having fun at a party together, and when he doesn't call her the next day, she focuses on it and stresses out (something we at the Sexy Trash offices are huge violators of.) She sees him at band practice, and while it is tearing her apart to be there, she continues on with the song. Pay close attention to the end of the video when we get a small little twist - will Nick finally call? Will he confess his love? You'll have to watch to see...

Also worth mentioning is Amy's look in the video. We're used to the punky pin-up girl look that she always pulls off so well, but Lingerie & Hair Down Amy is stunning, and we hope we see more of her soon!

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