Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Idol Top 9

Here we are again, and THIS is American Idol! Our numbers are dwindling down and we have made it to the Top 9 ladies and gentlemen. To top it all off, this week the competition was heating up and the idols were bringing their "AI" game (see what I did there?!...yeah I know...move on). But anyway, the idols had to sing a song this week, that was performed by one of their Idols. There was QUITE a range of them, and competition was stiff (and I'm not just talking about Colton's hair). The night actually had 5 standing ovations, an Idol first I believe.

Starting with the girls, although I hate to admit it, my top girl this week was Elise Testone. She really brought her best, and looked the part. There's no denying that her voice is fantastic, but I just can't stand her smug attitude, she needs some humble pie. Take a slice girl. But regardless, here she is rocking out to Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love".

Our top guy, is a repeat offender, but in a good way. Joshua Ledet brought the house down AGAIN, but an emotional rendition of Mariah Carey's "Without You". He was brought to tears at the end, and many of us were as well. He always puts 100% into his songs, and wow, we love it.

Our honorable mention this week is our favorite girl of the competition, a star in the making, previous diva of the week, Jessica Sanchez. She did a fantastic version of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams". I also loved the drama of the stage set-up behind her.

Our castoff this week was a funny favorite, HeeJun Han. He had one of the best personalities and cracked us UP, but, his voice was just not up to snuff compared to the rest. We loved him, but we not surprised to see him go. Best of luck Heejun and we'll miss your humor.

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