Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Idol: Top 12

This is......AMERICAN IDOL! *cue Ryan Seacrest*....oh we couldn't get him?....I guess you'll have to settle for me. I have better hair anyway.

Well, what's a good blog without a little gossip right?! The Idol week started with a little bit of sadness, drama, and a premature goodbye for one of the contestants. Jermaine Jones, our gentle giant, conveniently forgot to disclose some information about arrests in the past and giving a fake name to authorities during these arrests. There was not one, two, three, but FOUR warrants our for his arrest. This was very disheartening because he was an underdog worth rooting for this year, but I guess he fought the law and the law won. Maybe he could win Penitentiary
Idol?! (too soon?)

ANYWAY, this week on, the contestants had to perform a song from the year they were born. The task, usually a week I LOVE, was nothing of the sort. The contestants either chose very risky, challenging songs, or songs that were NOT at the top of the charts. However, two guys knew exactly what the challenge called for, and they were the hits we were looking for.

Our first hit of this week is a season favorite, the single and younger Dave Matthews like contestant, Phillip Phillips! He performed "Hard to Handle" and nailed it! This has been a common occurrence each week. He has a unique style, folksy and raspy, and makes each song his own. He was the start to the show, and until our other hit of the week, was the best thing of the night. Take a listen....

Isn't he cute?! Star in the making...

Our next definite HIT of the night was Joshua Ledet, who chose a risky song, but WOW! He let us know what it is like "When a Man Loves a Woman". Boy oh boy, did he love her! He saaaaang the everythaaaaang out of that song. I was left amening and praising the lord! HALLELUYERRR! Well, do some praising for yourself....

Amen, I say, AMEN!

Skylar Laine and Jennifer Rush were some honorable mentions, keeping the audience rocking and hyped. The rest of the night was mediocre and middle of the line performances. The judges were not overly impressed with the song choices. So it was no surprise that our evicted singer this week would be....Shannon Magrane. Who, for the second week in a row, took on another big song that she just couldn't keep up with. She sang Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day". It was better than her train wreck last week, but just
not good enough for the audience to vote to keep her in the competition. So, best of luck Shannon! Your dad is a retired baseball player, we're sure you'll get something in the future.

So there is your Idol wrap-up for the week. Let's hope the contestants, well most, step it up next week as we move on to our TOP 10.

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