Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol Top 10

This week in Idol brought us songs by one of my favorite artists, the piano man, the backstreet guy looking for an Uptown Girl, he's moving out.....BILLY JOEL! Knowing that the top 10 was diving into the Billy Joel Songbook, made me very excited for the performances to come. For the most part, I was satisfied and for some, left in awe.

Our first favorite of the week, is the powerhouse and one of the top talents of the season, Jessica Sanchez! You may remember her being our Diva of the Week two weeks ago. She has one powerful voice and showed us her amazing talent again this week. She decided to take on a song, I'll admit, that I was not familiar with. But she certainly did the song MORE than it's justice! Here is her rendition of "Everybody Has a Dream".

Amen, live that dream girl!

Our other favorite of the week is a unique artist. He is very multi-talented and has a style all his own. We just wish that he'd trim the back of his hair so it doesn't look like a mullet! We're talking about the fantastic Colton Dixon. His performance this week was nothing short of magical! He decided to take on "Piano Man" and made it into a ballad that left us with chills and "goosies" (thanks again J-Lo). His version is so wonderful that I think it could be a hit on today's charts. Take a look....


Our cast off this week was not who we had hoped. This week we lost Erika VanPelt. She got a beautiful makeover this week and is such a talent! Her humbleness and deep, soulful voice will be missed! Here is her singing "New York State of Mind". Best of luck to you Erika! :)

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