Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WAHHHH! Is Snooki pregnant?

Here at Sexy Trash, we aim to only post 100% accurate information so that our fabulous readers aren't left cursing us for leading them astray. However with the recent rumor of Snooki being pregnant making headlines every hour today - we had to get our opinion in ASAP.
First and foremost, something to keep in mind here is the word rumor. Even though everyone from TMZ to Huffington Post to Access Hollywood are cashing in on this potentially Earth shattering news, there have been zero quotes or statements from Snooki, baby daddy Jionni, or even their reps... except for denying/not confirming anything.

Here's the deal: it could be true, sure. Since, what, Season 1, Snooks has been fantasizing about her future husband and their adorable guido children. It's no secret that she wanted to be married as soon as possible and was love sick from the moment she met Jionni. Okay, maybe not lovesick exactly - she couldn't even remember his name - but after awhile, it was clear by her tweets and talk show appearances that she was in love. So, if she is pregnant and she is happy with it - many congratulations to the parents-to-be!
Now, the flip side: Sites are stating that Snooki said she wanted to cash this pregnancy in and referred to the Kardashians in the same context (again, no quotes, all from 'sources'). As much as I am personally Team Snooki and enjoy her one liners and crazy antics, can we be clear about something? First of all, Snooki isn't a Kardashian. I actually mean this in the best way possible though as I am not an avid Kardashian-watcher. The sister Snooki (supposedly) referred to is obviously Kourtney who we followed throughout her pregnancy and are enjoying watching her adorable son Mason grow up. While I'd love to say fans will embrace Snooki's child, I have to admit, I'll miss seeing wild Snooki... and could care less to watch her change diapers.

Add the fact that Snooki and JWoww are currently looking to film their spin off into the mix and I'm not sure where to go from there. A spin off where these two once-fiesty girls are now both extremely committed and one is pregnant? What kind of spin off is that? Jersey Golden Girls? The only angle I can possibly imagine MTV (or at this rate VH1) could go is making it almost a Teen Mom-esque spin off where we watch Snooki make mistakes in parenting, she doesn't know how to breast feed, whatever. And honestly, I'm not interested. As I said before, I'm Team Snooki and I've defended her like she's been a friend all along - But I'm not sure how I'd defend her if like, she left her baby in the car or something. (You know the dumb mistakes first time parents make and add in how vicious editing producers can be... yikes.)
Damn, and she just lost all that weight, too...
So where does that leave Snooks? Or the spin off with JWoww? Will they just do a Snooki-Baby spin off? What does that mean for her friendship with Jenni (cause I'd be PISSED)? How about the fact that if there is a child growing here, when they grow up they can watch their parents meet for the first time... and hook up later that night when Mommy called Daddy 10 different names and later wouldn't return his calls because the sex wasn't that good. Ah, nostalgia.
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