Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 14 TV BFFs To Admire

Last year, in honor of Valentine's Day, I honored the Top 14 TV Couples of All Time. Since I wrote it, there hasn't been a television couple to bounce any of their predecessors off of the list. So instead of writing the list again, I decided to focus this year's Valentine's Day post on the Top 14 Television Best Friends that I love.

Because let's face it... boyfriends come and go (in my case, mostly go...), but best friends are forever.  

14. Rachel and Kurt (Glee) 
It kills me to write this because I think this friendship came out of nowhere as a result of terrible writing, but they DO make a great pair...
13.Shawn and Cory (Boy Meets World)
I've LITERALLY watched them grow up. How could they not make the list?
 12. JD and Turk (Scrubs)
Often times bordering on more than friendship, these two besties take bromance to a whole other level.
 11. Ted, Barney, and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
Not all friendships could survive girlfriend-swapping and repeatedly getting slapped, but somehow, these three make it work.
10. Max and Penny (Happy Endings)
In every large group of friends, there's always an inner friendship that stands out. In "Happy Endings," it's Max and Penny; the gay man who acts straight and the straight woman who acts like a gay man. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
9. Sookie and Tara (True Blood)
It's easy to say friends have been there for each other through everything, but these two literally have: dead boyfriends, undead boyfriends, the end of the world and possession are just at the top of their list.
8. Meredith and Christina (Grey's Anatomy)
In a long-lasting friendship set in a stressful world, it's bound to have its ups and downs, but nothing will ever cancel out the fact that they are each other's "person."
7. Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna (Pretty Little Liars)
It'd be easy to drift away from your friends if your life was at stake week after week, but if anything, the fact that they are being terrorized only brought these four closer together.
6. Casey and Ashleigh (Greek)
When you're with someone every free moment of your life, four years can seem a lot longer than it really is. People you meet in college become so much a part of your life that it's hard to imagine a life without them. Ashleigh and Casey show what being a sister, sorority or otherwise, is all about.
5. Wallace and Veronica (Veronica Mars)
Wallace was always there for Veronica, whether that meant being a shoulder to cry on or supplying keys to break into the school's filing cabinets. Although he sometimes doubted it, Veronica was there for him, too. One of our favorite things about this friendship is that it never turned into anything more than a friendship; they loved each other as best friends, but not once did they confuse it for anything else. So smart and ahead of their time...
 4. Marc and Amanda (Ugly Betty)
 The pair may have started out as Betty's shallow co-workers with nothing but snarky one-liners, but the two quickly became so much more than that.Their relationship is one real friendships should be modeled after; and I can honestly say that there are not television characters I miss on my screen more than these two. 

3. Willow and Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
 She may have held unrequited love for him for a large portion of her life, they may have cheated on their respective partners with each other, and they may have disagreed on a few things, but in the end, it was his love for her that saved her (and the rest of the world) from herself.

 I'm so sorry - please fast forward to 5:00. It will be worth it, I promise.
2. Carrie and Samantha (Sex and the City)
 As stated before, a sub-friendship always stands out in a group of friends. In this case, it's Samantha and Carrie. Is Carrie always a great friend? No - to be honest, she's a tad self-centered and whiny. But Samantha Jones never lets that stop her from being Carrie's best friend. She's there for her when no one shows up to her birthday, she feeds her on her "honeymoon" after her wedding never happened, as seen in the clip below... she gives the best advice:

1. Will and Grace (Will and Grace)
 Will and Grace easily fills my number one spot for many reasons: for most of their friendship, they fill up each other's heart as their significant other, only turning to men for sex. Sure, when men start to enter their hearts instead of only their beds, jealousy reared its ugly head, causing problems for our favorite BFFs. However, through time, the pair worked out their issues and were right back where they started. While most of the times they shared were hilarious, it's the serious and real moments of their friendship that I enjoyed watching most.


  1. I wish a lot of these people were my bff's. But as I look around, I already have a little bit of each of them in my best friends. Wouldn't give them up AT ALL.

    1. Well, I was raised with nothing but a television and a bottle of tequila, so I DO have each of them in me. "Or I will soon enough" - Samantha Jones voice

  2. i kind of teared up at some of these clips

    1. Casey, me too! I don't know if you were a Buffy fan so it could mean NOTHING to you, but as I was searching for a clip of that scene, I literally sobbed watching it over and over.

  3. good choices!! but i would've added the ladies from desperate housewives :)

    1. I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong - in hindsight, I should have replaced Pretty Little Liars with them.

  4. my favorite W&G clip!!