Friday, February 10, 2012

"Stereo Hearts" - Glee

My love/hate relationship with Glee will never get better. I love most of the cast, but hate Ryan Murphy. I love most of the performances, but hate that Kurt has yet to sing a song sung originally by a man. I love that Naya Rivera is constantly on my screen, but hate the lame contrived "plots" that make this possible.

With each episode, I find that either the songs are good OR the plot is good. Recently, both have been pretty much lack-luster. With last week's "The Spanish Teacher," featuring guest-star Ricky Martin, I did not download even ONE song from iTunes (a Sexy Trash FIRST.)And this Rachel/Finn engagement? Do not even think about getting me started on that mess...

Yet, as much as I complain, I come back every week. This week will be no different. A performance from the Valentine's Day episode, "Heart," has hit the web. Besides Chord Overstreet and Amber Riley, The Glee Project winner, Samuel Larson, takes lead vocals in "Stereo Heart." (FINALLY. It only took half a season for him to show up...) And to be honest, it's one of the best Non-Naya performances the show has seen in a while.

I'm not exactly sure what is happening in the video - is Rachel being proposed to...again? Is he wooing her? Is this a 10 Things I Hate About You-style performance designed by Finn (if so, why the hell isn't he singing? Maybe because he wanted it to sound good???) Either way, I really enjoy it, and while I know Glee isn't going to improve "plot"-wise anytime soon, at least this video gives me hope that the performances may be back to my standards.

Songs Featured in this Episode (listed from best to worst):

"Stereo Heart" performed by Joe, Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones
"Let Me Love You" performed by Artie Abrams
"Cherish/Cherish" performed by Joe, Sam Evans, Mercedes Jones and Quinn Fabray
"I Will Always Love You" performed by Mercedes Jones
"Home" performed by Rory Flanigan
"Love Shack" performed by New Directions
"L-O-V-E" performed by Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang
"You're the Top" performed by Leroy and Hiram Berry (Rachel's dads)

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