Monday, February 20, 2012

Sophia Grace and Rosie: "Moment for Life"

I've always dreamed of one day falling in love and having a beautiful black baby girl and naming her Diva Marie and making her the next great singing sensation. Diva and I will be the tightest father/daughter duo you've ever seen. I'm talking a Youtube channel, auditioning for The Amazing Race, everything... She'll clearly be the talent of the operation, and I'll be her Hype Man.

But then I saw my dream-stealers, Sophia Grace and Rosie, became viral internet superstars right in front of my eyes. Ellen Degeneres took them under her wing, and often has the pair perform on her show. It was watching them that I realized that I will always love Diva Marie, but maybe this stage father needs to find a new dream for her because these girls have Child Prodigy Rap Superstars covered.
On Ellen's latest episode, the girls were back, this time performing another Nicki Minaj hit, "Moment For Life." And baby girl KILLS it.


  1. They're my FAVORITE. I imagine your future daughters to be them ... but they'll obviously take it to the next level. Love these girls!