Sunday, February 19, 2012

SNL: Beyonce and Jay-Z Introduce Blue Ivy

Nobody is shocked that Saturday Night Live has been slacking lately. Of course, I find myself watching every week, but I never find myself laughing out loud the way I used to. Have I grown up or is the show getting progressively worse? Like Mr. Owl and that damn lollipop, the world may never know.

What I do know, however, is that this season's best episodes are those in which previous cast members come back to host. Jimmy Fallon's episode a few months ago really stood out over a season of shit, and Maya Rudolph's episode last night was by far a highlight of the year.

The skit that stands out most from last night's episode is where Beyonce (Maya Rudolph) and Jay-Z (Jay Pharoah) introduce their baby, Blue Ivy, to their celebrity friends.

"Oh no - our friends are coming over, and I'm only wearing this!"

I've always been a Maya fan, so it's no surprise that her Beyonce impression made me belly laugh. On the flip side, I'm far from a Jay Pharoah fan, but his Jay-Z was spot on. I finally found out why he was hired. Also standing out in the skit are Nasim Pedrad as Nicki Minaj and the flawless Kristen Wiig as Taylor Swift.

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