Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Tails: NEVER Again

Let's face it - in today's world, there are no surprises in the entertainment industry. 95% percent of movies are predictable from the moment we see the trailers. Sure, there may be a little twist we weren't expecting, or maybe it's filmed with a handheld camera to bring a fresh point-of-view to the film, but for the most part... if you've seen one movie of a certain genre, you might as well have seen them all.

If you've seen Save the Last Dance, you've practically seen Step Up.

If you've enjoyed endless hours sobbing over The Notebook, you know the plot to every other Nicholas Sparks movie, as well.

If you're a fan of Mean Girls, you're also a fan of She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc. 

Movies are predictable. And recycled. And it's fine; more than fine - it's welcomed.

Sometimes they're predictable, and we are excited when it happens ("I can't wait until this girl find out she was a bet!") 

Sometimes they're predictable, but we're still sad when it happens ("I can't believe Needy really killed Jennifer...")

And SOMETIMES they're predictable, but you feel that it's so predictable that it couldn't possibly end the way it seems like it's about to end.

Enter Red Tails.

We've been so excited for this movie since we heard about it. We don't like George Lucas and we don't really like war movies, but we do love black men, so we hoped it would even out.

But then we heard bad reviews - we heard the acting was over-the-top and it was boring. So for a few weeks, we let the harsh criticism brainwash us, instead using our hard-earned money to buy tickets to Joyful Noise. But finally, we decided to suck it up and see Red Tails.

And it really was a great movie. The opening credits were a little bit of "Baby's First Video Editing," and the acting by the white pilots in the beginning was not anything to be admired, but once that mess of a five minutes were over, it really was good.

The main plot revolves around the struggles of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program as they are called into duty during World War II. Besides that, certain members of the program have certain subplots that really pull you in to the action... some more than others.

Without spoiling too much... there is one plot line that really got to us, and as SOON as it began, we knew where it was going. But we refused to believe it. "If ___________ happens, we're demanding our money back," we repeated numerous times throughout the film. And as the movie progressed, nothing happened to make us think otherwise. Yet, at the same time... it just couldn't happen, could it? So we sat, and watched, not minding the $13 we spent to see this movie.

UNTIL THE LAST TWENTY MINUTES OF THE MOVIE. Where everything we ever feared happened on screen. And we cried harder than we've ever cried. And not just at a movie, we mean ever. We were sobbing. Uncontrollably. With an ugly face. And snot-wiping. And convulsing. We were a mess. And because of that, yes - Red Tails was a great movie, Tristan Wilds (90210) surprised us with his acting, and we were excited that a war movie didn't bore us, but yet... because of the end, we hated it.

At least now, The Vow won't seem as sad this weekend...

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