Sunday, February 26, 2012

A "Pretty Little Liars" guessing g"A"me

With February coming to a close, we are that much closer to finding out who "A" is on Pretty Little Liars. On March 19, the secret identity will finally be revealed, and I, for one, can not wait. Since it's not the series finale, it's obvious that a lot more will still go down after the big reveal - maybe "A" is not necessarily Allison's killer, perhaps there will be an "A" copycat, who knows... all I know is that we only have to sit through four more episodes before we know for sure who "A" is.

I really do not think it's Garrett, Noel, or Jenna. I feel like the season finale, "unmAsked," will have a shocking reveal. For a show with a mystery aspect to it, any of those three would be too obvious, seeing as each of them were suspected of being "A" from the first time they were introduced.

But to get our brains working and to hold us over until the finale, I've made a short list of the Rosewood residents that frequently find their names somewhere on my "Most Likely to Be A Crazed Stalker" list...


Motivation: She doesn't really have any...

Why It Works: Living in Allison's old house, she may have found some of Allison's old things (perhaps a journal?) that gave her access to the secrets she originally held over all of their heads...


Motivation: She's always been an outsider, tortured by Allison. It wasn't until after Allison's death that Mona gained popularity. I'm not saying Mona is the killer, but it'd certainly be a good way to get back at the little clique for all of her years of misfortune.

Why It Works: Yes, Mona is getting texts/threats from "A" now, but she could easily be sending them to herself. If she started this "A" rouse to torture the girls who tortured her, she quickly saw her plan backfired as it brought the four of them closer together, including Hanna. As a way to get close to her again, and become a part of the group, she began sending herself "A" threats.


Motivation: Little to none.

Why It Works: After Hanna and Sean broke up, we haven't really seen much (or any) of him. While the Jennas and Garretts of the world are getting all the "A" shade thrown at them, it would be a clever little twist to have someone we know (but forgot about) to be the real culprit.


Motivation: Allison and Ian were hooking up while he was dating Melissa. This is motivation to kill Allie, but does she have motivation to torture the four? Besides just being a bitch, of course...

Why It Works: It kind of doesn't. Especially now that she's pregnant...

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