Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New "Revenge" Promo!

I have always been a fan of artsy, music video-like television promos. Sure, the "next week on..." ones are full of drama and intrigue, roping us into next week's story with a 30 second preview, but wouldn't you much rather watch a juicy, short film hinting at what's to come? I would.
Some of my favorite shows have used these in the past, but Desperate Housewives have had my favorite by far...


But now, ABC's newest guilty pleasure, Revenge, has created one, and I am obsessed! It makes my mouth water with delight everytime I watch it. Emily VanCamp has never looked hotter, and the premise is just so... well, as the Desperate Housewives season two promo would put it, juicy.

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