Monday, February 20, 2012

Live From New York, It's....Lindsay Lohan!?

Saturday Night Live fans and bloggers have been tearing up message boards and Twitter with the news of Lindsay Lohan hosting the March 3 episode of the weekly sketch comedy show. People are saying they don't understand; she hasn't hosted since 2006 when she was promoting Just My Luck.

I say... who cares? It's true, we haven't seen her on screen in a while, but if you will recall the last times we did see her on SNL, I'm sure you'll remember belly laughing....which, let's face it - isn't something you can say the show makes you do on a frequent basis anymore.

Lindsay's first appearance on the show introduced us to two well-known (and loved) recurring characters, Debbie Downer and Caitlin ("Rick, Rick, Rickkkkk!") The episode also showed Lohan as a sexy Hermione opposite Rachel Dratch's Harry Potter.

Yes, I am just as nervous as everyone else that this could be a train wreck. However, I am crossing my fingers and praying that there is just the slightest hint at the Lindsay we know and love. I'm not even asking for Mean Girls Lindsay. I'd settle for Georgia Rule Lindsay. I'm really not picky...

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