Friday, February 3, 2012

Kristen Bell: We're Not Her Only Fan!

It's no secret that we like obscure things/celebrities/movies that nobody else does. And we're fine with it. Yes, we're the only ones in the world who saw Jennifer's Body 10 times in theaters. Yes, we're the only ones who saw Lysistrata Jones more than once on Broadway and are openly petitioning for a cast album. And although it normally results in our favorite unknown shows being cancelled, we usually don't mind that we are the lonely fans.

HOWEVER sometimes the world slowly picks up on what we love. Yes, usually it's too late, but sometimes the timing may be perfect.

We don't know WHY she seems to be popping up everywhere these days, but we don't mind. Kristen Bell has been on EVERYONE'S talk shows/mouths/news feeds, and we can't get enough.

First there was the infamous "Sloth" meltdown on Ellen:

And then she was a guest on Chelsea Lately...

Since then, we've been getting random texts from Un-KB fans saying they've been converted. Whether or not that means they'll be watching Veronica Mars re-runs, we can't be sure. But at least we finally know, she's not only in OUR hearts.

And maybe with this new-found publicity (as well as a role in Big Miracle and her new television show, House of Lies,) KB will finally get the roles she deserves. (And maybe a Veronica Mars movie?! ...We know, keep dreaming.)

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