Friday, February 17, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt returns to television... and sings!

My roommate and college and I used to get in fights about Jennifer Love Hewitt. I loved all things Hewitt (and owned every single she released as a CD) and my roommate said there was no room in the world for her. It's true I never got into Ghost Whisperer, but I have always dreamt of a day when there would be a special place for JLH on our screens.

Well, Jenny... your time has come.

I saw a preview yesterday and almost literally shit myself (it doesn't take much...) brainstorming what the show could be. Did I have another Glee/Smash knock-off on my hands? I wasn't sure. All I knew was that J.Love was singing the hit Sweet Charity song, "Big Spender" while naked gays danced around her. WAIT, I thought. This couldn't be...could it?! Was this a Showgirls television show? Was I so lucky?

No, I wasn't. The promo ended, and I saw The Client List. Which is fine... the Lifetime movie was a legitimate good one, so it should be a decent Lifetime show.

But nothing will ever be as good as a Showgirls television musical starring Jennifer Love Hewitt could have been...

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